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   Chapter 685 What Did You Come Back For

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6140

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'What did you come back for?

Do you know something about who I am?

No! It's impossible! Impossible! How could Ashley find out who I am?'

Angelina looked at them and asked Susie to stand beside her. Then she took out her phone and snapped several pictures of Ashley.

Taking back her phone, Angelina held Susie's hand and walked away.

Just as Angelina and Susie were about to leave, Ashley felt that someone was watching her and turned around. She landed her gaze and fixed her eyes on the place where Angelina and Susie were standing just moments before but no one was there.

Noticing Ashley's strained facial expression, Lick looked in her direction and asked, "What's wrong? Did you see someone you know?"

"No. It's just that I felt someone was watching us," Ashley replied.

"Perhaps you are overthinking." Lick smiled.

Ashley smiled in return and said, "Maybe."

Ashley didn't think more on what had happened. Perhaps she was just imagining it as Lick had said.

They walked around in the mall and stayed until they decided to sign the contract.

"Nice cooperation," Ashley said.

"Ha-ha, nice cooperation. I used to cooperate with Zen before, but I didn't expect his daughter to have become so competent. You have really outdone your father."

However, his praise left Ashley feeling a little embarrassed. "No, no. It's my pleasure to work with you. Compared to my father, I still have a lot left to learn."

When they had finished signing the contract, Ashley glanced at her cell phone and found that it was just four o'clock.

Ashley had promised Andrew to return before five o'clock, so there should be enough time

to buy some of his favorite food for him.

As soon as Alice turned around, she noticed the smile that was lingering on Ashley's face.

"Well, do you miss our 'proprietor?'

that I wanted to post the photos on the Internet?"

Feeling embarrassed, Susie lowered her hand again. But she recovered immediately.

"So why did you take those pictures then?" she asked in confusion.

"Of course, that is the plan. But for now, we can't put the photo on the Internet. It's not the right time yet."

"Why not?"

Angelina wordlessly answered Susie by only looking at her with her dark and unreadable eyes.

Angelina now really doubted how the Lu Family had managed to raise Susie.

In her mind, Susie was a brainless bimbo.

In the past, Andrew had cared so much about Ashley. If Andrew saw these pictures online, he would move mountains to look for Ashley again.

Perhaps he would even launch a full investigation into the matter.

This was what bothered Angelina. She wasn't that stupid. She knew that now was not the right time to post the photos online.

But she didn't tell Susie this. For one thing, she was afraid that Susie would mess up her plan. After all, Susie was such a simple woman.

Angelina smiled deviously. "You will know my plan later. Well, it's getting late now. Let's go home,"

she said and got into her car. Susie had no choice but to walk to her own car.

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