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   Chapter 683 I Will Give You Whatever You Want

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The next day, Ashley woke up with a groan as she felt the soreness all over her body. It was like her body was burning, but in a good way. Strange!

Ashley stirred in her position then sat up supporting herself on her arms. She eyed around the place as her eyes crossed in confusion. She hesitated for a while then got off of the bed.

She noticed her shoes on the floor. She groaned a little as she put on her shoes and stood up. As soon as she did, she winced furiously experiencing the pain from her private part and hissed aloud. She was completely sore down there.

Then, Ashley composed herself slightly and decided to do a quick scrutiny around the place in hope to find out where she was. The place looked slightly familiar. She might have visited this place in the past. But she couldn't remember clearly.

While walking around the house, Ashley's legs felt wobbly. Even she once tripped and almost fell on the ground because of the soreness her private part had brought to her.

Last night's memory came crashing down to her as she bit her teeth. It's was raw and rough. Andrew acted and treated her just like a hungry and horny beast.

He looked almost decent while working in the daytime, but at night he appeared to be someone completely different. Ashley didn't know from where he got that much energy at night. When he was being rough with her, it was torture she had to endure.

Ashley groaned as she stopped herself from falling on the ground and steadied herself. She stood still for a while and then again continued her exploration of the house.

Then it came to her mind. It was in fact, Andrew's office lounge. She gasped. When did he get her here?

Ashley didn't remember anything about coming in Andrew's office. What was wrong with her last night, she groaned again.

As she came out of the door, she saw Andrew send someone away.

The person looked familiar to her but she couldn't see his face as he hurriedly left the lounge, leaving her only with Andrew.

Andrew saw her standing there as a look of relief washed over him. "Ash, you're up? How are you feeling?" He strolled towards where she was standing while her eyes were fixed on him.

He came, stood in front of her and reached for her, but Ashley dodged immediately. Her gaze fell on the sofa as she threw him a hard stare then went to sit on the sofa. The sharp pain from her groin bit her again. She was in fact fuming right now because of what happened last night and for the same reason she didn't want to talk to him.

He was truly a beast in bed last night and now, she was suffering the consequences.

Andrew however, had noticed Ashley's strange and somewhat funny walk when she came out of the room. A sly smirk appeared on his lips as he leaned towards her and asked, "Ashley, is there something wrong? Are you uncomfortable?" He prolonged his last word intentionally.

Ashley glared up at him and snapped, "Go away, Andrew. Everything is wrong here okay?" She winced again while saying," My body is achi

She stopped and looked at him. Andrew had become very possessive of her. She also wanted to be by his side. But now it was urgent and very important. She had to leave.

She had got a lot of work to finish and had to do it anyhow. She had decided to be as excellent as Andrew so that it wouldn't make any problems later.

She couldn't just let Andrew protect and support her all the time.

She had to be strong and powerful too.

Ashley took a step toward Andrew, then grabbed his hand and kissed it softly. She tried to make him understand the importance of her work, "Sweetie, I have something important to do. I promise I will be back soon. Okay? I won't take long," She repeated.

She then placed her forehead on Andrew's chest and slid her arms around his waist.

She had to take care of the situation carefully, Ashley thought. Andrew right now was acting just like Fabio, so she had to coax him with the same gentle way she did with her son.

Andrew pressed his lips tightly and didn't utter a word.

Ashley checked the time and decided that it would be too late if she didn't leave now.

"Honey, I will be here before 5:00 pm. Please don't be mad at me. I will bring you something delicious," Ashley said with a cheerful smile.

But Andrew mocked her words, "Something important! What is more important than me? Your work is more important than me?"

Ashley replied hastily without hesitation, "No! Of course you are the most important in my life. But this is my job. I can't be irresponsible with my work. Try to understand. Please!"

Andrew said seriously, "I can give you whatever you want. Why do you need to work then?"

Ashley agreed, "Indeed. You can give me whatever I want with your money. But I want to do the same for you. Won't you let me?"

She tried to sound sweet and influencing intentionally which seemed to work.

Andrew finally nodded, though grudgingly. Ashley breathed a sigh of relief. She realized that Andrew was more difficult to convince than Fabio.

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