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   Chapter 680 A Double-faced Woman (根据后文应该是叶依依指责程凌口是心非,所以想是不是作者笔误)

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6972

Updated: 2020-05-17 00:02

Andrew tried to say something, but in the end he said nothing.

Ashley looked at him seriously and said, "Andy, I have something to tell you."

The response was both funny and weird, "Aren't you going to call me, President Lu?"

His tone was a little sullen.

Even Ashley didn't know why she found Andrew's behavior amusing while she was stressed by it at the same time.

In any case, the mixed emotions were because of what he had said this morning. "If you didn't say so, would I call you like that?"

Ashley looked at Andrew seriously.

Andrew returned her gaze confused. He had totally forgotten what he just said that morning.

To be frank, all he had said were angry words.

Ashley opened her mouth and tried to continue, "Andrew, about what happened five years ago..."

"That's enough!"

Andrew withdrew his hand and turned around. He didn't want to listen to Ashley digging up the past.

Ashley had no idea why Andrew got so angry every time she mentioned what happened, five years back.

She knew that if she didn't clarify and explain those events, then there would continue to be an unsurmountable rift between them forever.

Ignoring Andrew's resistance, she stood up and held his hand again, "Andrew, look at me."

She went around him to stand in front of him but he just looked away.

Ashley was rendered speechless.

Obviously, he had made her do this.

By a fluke of luck, she was wearing high heels today. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to stare at Andrew in the face.

Not knowing what else to do, she put her arms around his waist, pulled him in closer and planted her lips on his.

Before Andrew had time to react, he found himself wrapped in something soft.

HIs eyes widened.

Finally, Ashley let go of Andrew when she saw his surprised eyes. Then, she held his hands tightly and told him, "Andrew, listen to me. I didn't leave deliberately five years ago. I felt a little uncomfortable one day, so I went to the hospital for a check-up. After a preliminary examination, the doctor told me that I was suffering from le

and said, "I heard that President Lu came to work with a woman in his arms. Do you know who she is?"

Johnny replied, "How should I know? Besides, the boss was covering her face with his hands the whole time. How could I see it clearly?"

"See, I tell you what, all men are the same! At one point you all give in to your desires! Ashley has just been away for five years! And he's already looking for another woman!" Amaia was stifled. "What are you doing?" she snapped as she forced apart his hand.

Johnny replied, "Well, I don't want to say anything about this. To be honest, I think it makes sense for the boss to move on. Look, the guy is now thirty-five years old. He has been waiting for her for a long time now, but she still hasn't come back. He has a life to live, you know."

"But that's not your opinion when you saw that woman in the villa this morning. I remember you told me you felt angry when you found Andrew had another woman in there.

Why are you so double-faced?"

Amaia crossed her arms over her chest and continued, "So, you're saying that you will also do the same thing if I am gone for a period of time?"

Johnny's face darkened, "What, no! You can't compare me with that. Why would I even let you leave?"

"President Lu also said those words to Ashley and he has given up on her in the end, hasn't he?"

She gave Johnny an angry stare and left.

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