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   Chapter 678 In His Arms

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She remembered what she had said. Moreover, she knew Arya would blurt out those words to Andrew. But Ashley didn't expect that Andrew would believe her.

All in all, wasn't that what she wanted?

She aimed to keep Andrew in the dark.

Back then, she had thought that Andrew would forget her because of hatred and misunderstanding.

Besides, she didn't have much time back then.

But, the truth was another story. Even Ashley didn't know she was fooled until she went abroad.

Ashley pursed her lips. It wasn't strange for Andrew to say something like that.

It was all her fault.

The moment Andrew saw Ashley's pale face, he stretched out his hand, wanting a touch.

Before he could reach her, Ashley forced a smile and said, "You're right. We are all grown-ups. Last night was just an accident. I know you don't care anymore."

Her words seemed to be familiar to him.

Ashley could feel his dark eyes eating her alive as his oppressive gaze weighed upon her. She lowered her eyes with sadness. She had never expected to have such a terrible meeting with him after all these years.

The past began to flooding back to him. 'So, is this what I am to her?

Did she really leave me for money? And no one forced her to do so? Is she thinking about leaving me again?' Countless thoughts crept into Andrew's mind.

But his grip still tightened on her wrist. He strongly felt that if he let her leave this time, nothing will go back to normal. That was what he dreaded the most.

The more he thought about it, the darker his eyes became. Ashley had no idea what he was thinking about. But she could feel his hold on her beginning to hurt.

Ashley frowned and tried to push Andrew away. Why was he doing this? What the hell did he want to do? He didn't want her expla

oice, he came to his senses and looked at Andrew. "Yes, sir!"

Johnny went to the driver's seat and started the engine. But only confusion filled his head. Did he just see Andrew bringing someone along with him?

Was he showing someone out the door?

And it was indeed a woman! Johnny's heart was beating faster.

Andrew had buried her head in his arms. That was why no one could see her face.

They arrived at the Lu Group Building in no time. Under everyone's curious gaze, Andrew held Ashley in his embrace and whispered something in her ear. Then Ashley shrank back in his arms as an obedient child while he waited for his exclusive elevator.

Everyone started whispering to each other the moment the elevator door closed.

Andrew was not only late for the meeting, but he also had someone in his arms. It was a woman they couldn't identify!

What a sensational news it was!

Someone among the crowd reminded everyone of Ashley and the big commotion that happened five years ago. The employees knew that Andrew loved her the most. They heard that Andrew had looked for her for a long time.

Then who was the woman in the CEO's arms just now? Everyone was in the dark.

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