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   Chapter 673 Let's Go Out For A Walk

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Alice also thought that perhaps her joke was too harsh. The moment she looked at Ashley's angry face, she sealed her lips obediently.

Duncan opened the rear door and nodded, "It's good to start your business here."

Even though he had stayed in J City all these years, he occasionally went to N Country and paid a visit to Ashley saying that he was going to the company. He knew that Ashley's company was on the right track in N Country.

Ashley smiled at Duncan. "Yes, and I am here to do some early period inspection."

"J City has seen dramatic changes in recent years. If you would like to have a tour, just let me know."

Ashley shook her head. "No, thanks."

She silently shifted her gaze toward the view outside the window that had become quite unfamiliar to her.

The car soon arrived at the hotel that Ashley mentioned they were staying at. Earlier, Zen had booked the hotel rooms for Ashley and Alice.

Ashley gripped her bag tightly and got out of the car and turned to Duncan. "So, this is where we are staying. Thank you very much for your help."

He stared at Ashley for a long time, wanting to say something. But finally, he swiftly nodded and left.

They walked inside the hotel, checked in and took the room cards. Inside the elevator, Alice could feel Ashley's gaze on her, making her heartbeat quicker.

She cast her nervous glance at her boss. "Ashley, what's up?"

"Alice, how long have you been following me?" Ashley asked.

"I've been working for you ever since you founded your company. So, around three years."

"It's been so long."

Ashley sighed.

Not knowing why, Alice trembled inwardly as if she had smelt some threat from Ashley's sigh.

"You are a veteran now. You should know well in your heart what kind of jokes you can make."

"DING." The elevator door opened. Ashley walked out without turning back.

Alice was still in a daze and stared at Ashley's retreating figure. The moment the door was half closed, she came to her senses and sprinted out of the elevator.

Alice arrived at her room and glanced

. "Speak out if you want to tell me something. I know you have something on your mind. Or else you can't keep stealing glances at my expression."

Alice was embarrassed. She was indeed staring at Ashley like a fool just now. In fact, all Alice wanted was to see if Ashley was still angry.

Alice lowered her head and said, "Ashley, it was my fault. I shouldn't have teased you yesterday. Please forgive me."

Ashley narrowed her eyes before recovering her smile. "Don't do that again next time."

Alice's eyes lit up at that, and she nodded. "It really was the first and the last time."

Just as they started heading downstairs, Alice heard some mumbling words from Ashley. She turned to face Ashley in confusion. "Did you say something?"

Ashley shook her head and ignored Alice, walking straight into the dining hall.

After they finished breakfast in the hotel, Ashley wiped her mouth and looked outside with squinted eyes.

"I heard that you are from here originally," Alice broke the silence.

Ashley glanced back at Alice and said, "Yes, I am. What's wrong?"

Alice let out a sigh of relief. 'Thankfully, this is a good version of Ashley. She must have been possessed by a bad spirit last night.'

"This is the first time for me to come here. Would you mind showing me around the city?" Alice bit her lips, making her expression as pitiful as she could.

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