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   Chapter 672 Return To J City

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As the phone vibrated, Ashley tightly held onto it, not knowing whether she should reply or not.

Pressing it against her chest, she heaved a deep breath and ran her index finger through the screen. "What's wrong?" Ashley asked, typing firmly on the screen.

"Nothing. Don't worry, I'll be on a business trip to N Country in a couple of days."

Startled at Duncan's response, she shortly replied, "Okay."

Suddenly, there was an utter silence that fell on both ends, making the situation quite awkward for the two. Ashley could only hear her heavy breathing against her phone.

The deafening silence lasted for quite a while, leaving Ashley blankly staring at the bright screen.

Although she had been in contact and quite familiar with Duncan, it had never crossed her mind that his family ran the Tang Group.

Duncan had reached out to Ashley and apologized for everything that's happened to her––even though he really had nothing to do with it.

Objectively speaking, Duncan was a friend worth keeping.

"I'm coming to J City tomorrow," Ashley softly uttered, clearing her throat.

After thinking for a while, she added, "For a business trip."

Duncan didn't reply for a while. Just as Ashley logged off WeChat and was ready to go to bed, her cellphone suddenly rang.

She almost jerked at the surprise and instantly turned her cellphone to mute. Glancing at Fabio, she felt relieved to see him still in a deep slumber.

It would be another roller coaster ride to put this little boy to sleep if he was awakened at this hour.

"What's up?" Ashley asked.

"What time will you arrive here tomorrow? Let me pick you up."

"No, that's not necessary. But, thank you for the offer. I am familiar with J City, and you might be busy," Ashley replied, biting her lower lip as she gently massaged her right thigh.

Ashley had no idea that Duncan left N Country to inherit his family enterprise. It was only later when they began corresponding again, that she learned about this.

"I am free tomorrow," Duncan answered firmly. Even if he didn't have time, he still would squeeze some time to see her.

In the middle of their conversation, Fabio suddenly turned over and frowned as if he felt his mother's warmth leaving the mattress.

Ashley hurriedly lay down with one hand gently patting his back.

After a few seconds, the little boy stopped moving and fell into a deep slumber again.

"Is there anything else? If none, I'm hanging up."

Her voice was so stern that even Duncan felt it on the other end of the line. Aft

his location.

"It's different," Duncan replied, straightening his figure that almost towered over Ashley.

Smiling, he added, "Welcome back to J City."

"Thank you."

Ashley's voice was almost chilly, while her face painted a nonchalant expression.

"Where are you going? Let me drive you there." Duncan asked.

Shrugging their shoulders. Ashley and Alice followed Duncan, dragging their luggage behind.

As they walked out of the airport, Alice couldn't contain her curiosity anymore. Poking Ashley with her finger, she asked, "Ashley, who is he? He came here to pick you up, and he looks so intimate with you. Is he your boyfriend?"

Curiosity was displayed all over Alice's face while a ghost of a smile almost escaped her lips.

Over the past few years, Ashley had done nothing but focus on her career and company. Although she had been in contact with Duncan, she seldom met up with him. Besides, if she ever so frequently did, Alice would have already learned about him.

"What are you talking about? He is just a friend," said Ashley with a pair of furrowed brows.

"What? You're really just friends? I don't believe that. Have you seen the way he looks at you?

Besides, look at him! He's tall, handsome, and rich! What more can you ask for? Why not consider him?"

Although Alice did her best to whisper and lower her voice, Duncan caught her last sentence. "Consider what?" he queried with narrowed eyes.

With cheeks flushed out of embarrassment, Ashley eyed her assistant, signaling a message to keep her mouth shut. "Nothing! I was just thinking about whether I should come back to J City and work here," Alice replied with the fakest smile she could muster.

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