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   Chapter 670 Ready To Return To J City

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Ashley cast a glance at Zen, and opened her mouth to call him "Adopted Father," but then she noticed the warning expression in Cynthia's eyes and called him "Dad" instead.

In the beginning, Ashley had addressed them as "Adopted Father" and "Adopted Mother," but ever since Cynthia's complaint that it sounded too unfamiliar and inappropriate, Ashley had corrected her greetings to "Dad" and "Mom."

The thing was, it was quite easy to call Cynthia "Mom" as Ashley looked at her tender face. But Zen's stern face always scared her and intimidated her.

So, every time she had to call him Dad, she felt hesitant. She didn't know why.

Besides, she would always remember Zen as the man who had bought the first emerald gemstone from her at the underground casino.

She had never expected that he would become her adopted father one day.

In fact, she still couldn't believe the whole thing she had gone through.

Most of all, she couldn't get over Zen's real identity.

It had never occurred to her that Zen could be a bigwig in the jewelry industry in N Country. No wonder he had bid for that emerald gemstone without hesitation.

Anyway, from then on, whenever Ashley obtained a gemstone, Zen would buy it from her.

As far as Zen was concerned, those articles belonged to his daughter. How could he let insignificant people get their hands on them?

What's more, when he had learned that Ashley wanted to open a jewelry store, he had offered her his full support.

He had also invited Ashley to join his company when he saw the jewelry design that Ashley had come up with on her own.

Ashley was an excellent talent with a sharp eye for design, so if she joined his company, he would have a worthy successor in the future.

However, Ashley had refused the offer because she wanted to raise funds and build connections by herself, step by step.

Although there were inevitably many difficulties and setbacks along the way, Ashley had never once asked Zen to help her.

All of this only

much better than any of us. I have a friend from abroad who is staying in J City now. This is his phone number. You can contact him when you're there. I've already given him your number."

"Okay," Ashley agreed. "Thank you, father."

"We are a family.

You don't need to say thanks.

By the way, do you need me to appoint someone to take care of you while you're there?

I think Tony will do the job well."

"No, thanks. I can handle myself. You don't have to bother yourself with such things," Ashley replied, immediately turning down the offer.

Ashley had only found out that Tony was working in the Fu Group when she ran into him just recently.

He had become a designer for the Fu Group, and he was quite talented.

Because of Ashley, Zen had finally learned the whole story about Tony.

Since Ashley and Tony used to be neighbors, Zen had thought that they could take care of each other along the way. Anyway, since Ashley had refused, he didn't want to press the matter any further.

"All right. When do you want to leave?"

"Any time is fine for me," Ashley replied.

"Well, I have already arranged everything there. I will take care of your company while you are gone," replied Zen.

Ashley gave a nod

"And don't worry about the kids. They can stay here the whole time and they will well take care of."

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