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   Chapter 669 A Family

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6923

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The two kids hung on Ashley's words and got in the car

Looking at the two cute kids, Ashley's eyes were full of gentleness. They had always been very sensible and saved her a lot of trouble.

That was why Ashley loved them with all her heart and soul.

Planning to make a sumptuous meal for dinner, Ashley was on her way to the supermarket when she suddenly received a call.

"Mom," said Ashley.

"Yes, okay," Ashley promised as she hung up her cellphone.

After hanging up the phone, Ashley fixed her eyes on Richard and Fabio helplessly. "We have to go to grandma's house tonight. Can we have our dinner date next time?"

"Fine." Both of them answered in unison at once.

"Good boys."

Ashley turned around.

Ashley's mother's house was located in a bustling villa area which was in the heart of the city. Ashley had been here many times. Therefore, as soon as the security guard saw Ashley's car, he let them in.

After driving for a few minutes, they finally stopped in front of a villa.

"Well, we're here. Let's go."

As they got out of the car, Ashley took the hands of Richard and Fabio and walked to the door, which was already opened for them in advance.

"Hello, my lady and lovely kids, you have arrived. Please, come in."

Seeing Ashley and the kids, Macie left the kitchen momentarily to greet them and let them in.

"Macie, nice to see you again. Sorry to interrupt your work. Where is Mom? I want to see her."

"Ah, she is waiting for you in the living room." Macie replied

"Oh look! My grandsons are here! Fabio, Richard, come Grandma!"

Cynthia, who was sitting on the sofa, called out to the kids. As soon as she saw them, her already gentle face immediately softened further.

"Grandma, I missed you so much." Fabio ran over and embraced Cynthia first.


Richard also called out.

"I missed you, too."

Cynthia hugged them as they greeted each other.

"Sit down, Ashley.

Your father told me that you got off work very early today, so I called you to come here and have dinner with us. If y

le ago with her two sons," Macie answered as she took Zen's coat from him.

"Okay," replied Zen, turning around and walking towards the kitchen.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Ashley was assisting Cynthia in cooking. Since Cynthia insisted to cook for them, Ashley didn't refute her intention.

"Ashley, you are not getting any younger. You already have your kids. Don't you think it's time to consider having a man in your life?

Don't use the children as an excuse now. Every time I mentioned marriage to you before, you always said you wanted to wait until they were a little bit older. Now that they have grown up, isn't this the right time?"

Ashley knew she would be urged again to get married, just like every other time that she came for a visit, and she felt helpless.

"Mom, I think I am still very young. And, I have just started with my career. Let's talk about marriage some other time. Anyway, it hasn't crossed my mind yet.

Moreover, I'm more focused on taking care of the two children now. Anyway, who wants to marry a woman with extra baggage?"

"Who says my grandchildren are extra baggage?"

Surprised with the voice, Ashley and Cynthia looked at the kitchen's entrance. They saw Zen, who was still dressed in his business suit, coming in.

They didn't know how long he had been standing there and how much he had heard of their conversation.

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