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   Chapter 668 So Popular At Such A Young Age

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7647

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The most incredible thing was that Chloe had spent more time with the two children over the last four years than Ashley had. But somehow, for some reason, both of them liked Ashley more.

Perhaps it was because of the natural bond between a mother and her children.

When Ashley started a new company all by herself, Chloe had also invested most of her money in it. And today, she felt immensely happy and grateful that she had done it. Ashley's company was thriving.

Lost in these thoughts, Chloe drove to the company office. Once inside the compound, she took Fabio's little hand and walked inside.

Ashley's office was on the 38th floor.

The elevator stopped with a ding.

As soon as they walked out of the elevator, Fabio immediately let go of Chloe's hand and rushed to the CEO's office he remembered like a kite without a string.


Ashley, who was busy packing her stuff at the moment, heard the call and looked up with a confused yet pleasant expression on her face.

Chloe shook her head helplessly behind Fabio. It had been only a few days since they saw each other but Fabio already missed her so much!

"Mom!" The office door was thrown open and a little boy ran in. Without stopping for anything, he ran straight to Ashley and threw his little arms around her.

"Fabio? What are you doing here, kiddo?" Ashley lifted him up into her arms and said, "I missed you so much."

"I missed you, too." And he landed two wet kisses on both of her cheeks.

Ashley looked into his eyes lovingly and kissed him back the same way.

Then, Fabio put his arms around Ashley's neck and pressed his cheek against her face. With that, a big smile appeared on his face, the kind of smile that only Ashley could bring.

"Auntie Chloe brought me here."

"Oh so you still remember me?" Just as Fabio's voice faded away, Chloe's faked resentful voice came in from the door.

"Chloe, you are here."

"Your Bun has been pestering me for you in the last several days. I had to take him here."

"No I wasn't!" Fabio retorted. However, the flush on his face betrayed what he said all too well.

"Really? So the next time you ask me to do something, shall I ignore it?"

"Auntie Chloe!" Fabio played the woman.

"Okay, fine. No more making fun of you, haha,"

to take it!" Seeing that Richard was about to leave, the girl didn't think too much. She merely put the chocolates in Richard's hand and then ran away with a giggle.

Richard looked at the box of chocolates and frowned. His eyes turned towards the trash can that was standing beside him, but ultimately, he did not throw it away.

Therefore, as he came out of the school, Ashley saw a large box of chocolates in his hand.


He looked over when he heard his name and saw Ashley and Fabio, who were waiting for him.

Seeing that Richard was in a daze, Fabio called out again, "Brother!"

Ashley walked up to him, stroked his head and asked, "What's wrong?"


Richard only said that much.

"What would you like to eat, brother?" Fabio pulled his sleeve. "Mommy is going to cook today."

"Anything will be fine for me," Richard answered.

"Hey, brother, tell me. Who gave you this box of chocolate?"

"A classmate gave it to me," Richard replied, biting his lips and not meeting their gaze.

Ashley smiled and raised her eyebrows naughtily, "Male or female classmate?"

Richard's face flushed red as he answered, "A girl."

Looking at Richard and then at Ashley, Fabio asked in an even naughtier tone, "Oh wow, does she like you?" he giggled.

Richard was dazed for a second before he retorted, "Don't talk nonsense. We are just classmates."

Ashley didn't know where Fabio had gotten the idea about girls liking boys. "Well, he's right. It's nonsense. Boys, get in the car."

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