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   Chapter 666 Being Ignored All The Time

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Addis was sure that Nolan knew the real price of that emerald.

However, Ashley felt a little embarrassed, "We'd better not bother him."

At that moment, someone shouted, "Twenty million!"

Everyone who had intended to compete for the ownership of the emerald until now had no choice but to keep their mouths shut after hearing this offer.

Many of them were fond of collecting gemstones like this, so they were left feeling disappointed at this sudden turn of events.

Although they had to admit that this emerald gemstone was invaluable, they didn't have twenty million yuan at their immediate disposal.

Ashley turned to look at the source of the voice in surprise.

It was a middle-aged man who, despite his age, looked brisk and youthful, like he was in his thirties. However, he also had a mature and exceptional aura about him. As he slowly walked out of the crowd, everyone turned to stare at him.

He stopped in front of Ashley and smiled.

"Young lady, I'm bidding twenty million for this emerald gemstone. What do you think?"


The crowd erupted in gasps of awe when they recognized him.

"Isn't he the CEO of the Fu Group? Why is he here today?"

"Ah, for him, twenty million is not a big amount. He can easily spend that on one meal."

"Exactly. But he didn't need to bid so high from the get-go. It seems that he is determined to get the emerald."

The middle-aged man, Zen, was the CEO of the Fu Group, the biggest jewelry brand in N Country.

It could be said that the Fu Group had a monopoly on the jewelry industry in N Country.

How could such a person not exude confidence?

Unlike everyone else present, Zen didn't need to worry about money at all. He could easily take out twenty million without any hesitation.

Ashley stared at the man in front of her, dumbfounded. He walked out of the crowd with seriousness on his face earlier, but now, he looked kind and gentle. Ashley blinked away her surprise and asked, "Sir, are you sure you want to bid twenty million?"

Zen nodded

he raw stone for her, he might have had to live his whole life in shame.

Ashley smiled at the old man and said, "It's okay, you don't have to thank me! It was sheer luck."

"Sir Nolan!"

Addis suddenly shouted.

Ashley turned around and saw Nolan walk in.

Ashley just nodded at him in acknowledgement since she didn't know how to address him.

"Sir Nolan, Ms. Mu got the emerald gemstone from a raw stone!"

Addis explained to Nolan.

For the first time, a look of surprise appeared on Nolan's face.

He turned to Ashley and raised his eyebrows. "Did the emerald come from your gambling stone?"

Ashley glanced uneasily at the crowd of customers around them before turning back to Nolan. "It's just a stroke of luck. Can we leave now?" she asked gently.

Nolan looked her up and down, and then he nodded. "Let's go."

Ashley, Addis, and Richard all followed him out.

"Ms. Mu, let me hold Richard's hand," Addis offered.

Ashley gave Richard's hand to Addis, then rubbed her aching hand and said, "Thank you."

With a rare tinge of shyness on his face, Addis said, "You're welcome."

Chloe was waiting for them outside the door. She quickly ran to them as she saw them.

Nolan opened his arms and looked at her dotingly.

However, Chloe ignored him and threw her arms around Ashley. "Ashley, how did it go? Are you okay?"

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