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   Chapter 664 Prove Them Wrong

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Before Ashley could utter another word, a condescending voice rang out.

The old man, seeing as how a look of mockery was painted on the man's face, opened his mouth, but eventually said nothing.

With a smug look, the latter seemed to forget that when he first came here, it was the old man who had cut out a green jade for him.

But because of the continuous adversities that had befallen him, the geezer couldn't muster the courage to fight for himself.

Ashley turned around and pierced her sharp gaze at the man before saying, "Thanks for your concern, but I want to cute the stone open right now."

Because of her cold dismissal, the man jerked his sleeves, snorted coldly, and left.

He did his best to warn her, and if Ashley still wanted to cut the stones here, there was nothing much he could do.

Obviously, for Ashley, he was sticking his nose too much into someone else's business. Besides, he had nothing to do with neither the stones nor her, so why would she listen?

"You have been working here for a long time. In this case, isn't it the same for you to have one more guest or one less guest?" Ashley asked with her full attention to the old man.

Perhaps it was because Ashley stood up for him that the old man finally nodded and flashed a genuine smile.

Placing the three stones on the counter, the casino attendant intently stared at Ashley for a while before leaving. Although he didn't say anything, his last gaze slightly stirred Ashley's curiosity.

Now that Ashley insisted on cutting her stones here, there was no use for him, a mere attendant, to give her advice.

"Well, you can start now," said Ashley as she turned her gaze back at the old man.

Having worked there for a very long time, the old man was already familiar with all the procedures.

So, as he tilted to one side, his eyes intently bore at each stone. Then, with a knife on his hand, he sliced them carefully.

Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he firmly pressed the blade against the first stone. His arms stuck out and showcased his tight biceps despite his wrinkled skin due to old age.

Upon finally cutting the first one open, no green item flashed before their eyes; it was completely empty inside.

"Young lady, as you see, I..." the old man uttered, evidently dispirited at the turn out of their

placed in such an embarrassing situation.

Even if he didn't want to cut the stone now, he had to. Also, if the chances were pretty small, he couldn't let Ashley down.

'I hope we can cut out a green jade this time, even if it's just an ordinary one.' he thought to himself, heaving a deep breath to boost his confidence.

Then, the old man began to skillfully cut the rough stone.

Ashley fixed her eyes on the old man as he belligerently ran the knife against the hard surface of the stone.

As for the crowd, they were intently watching Ashley and the old man with a glint of mockery on their faces.

However, not long after, a man in the crowd was placed in utter disbelief. He stared at the stone with his mouth agape. Rubbing his eyes hard, he couldn't believe what he had just seen.

Patting his friend on the shoulder, he stammered, "G-G-Green! It's green! Look!"

But, to his dismay, his friend just threw a casual glance at it and said, "Relax. It's probably it's just a cover-up. Someone said there was a green jade inside the second stone too, but it turned out to be nothing but a bluff."

Although still quite excited, the man calmed down at those words.

However, as his eyes were still glued on stone, the look of disbelief did not leave his face.

Ashley and the old man were quite elated too. And although they didn't see much yet, their hopes were gradually rekindled.

And once green spots clearly surfaced on stone, the old man almost dropped the tool in his hand. Even Ashley nearly jumped with Richard in her arms.

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