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   Chapter 659 It Wouldn't Happen Again

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The next second, Bun scrunched up his tiny face and burst into tears.

Listening to his woeful wailing, Chloe didn't say anything further to Ashley. She rocked Bun up and down and tried to comfort him gently, "Ah, my good boy, don't cry..."

However, no matter how hard Chloe tried to comfort him, Bun just wouldn't stop crying.

Chloe frowned. She wondered quietly, 'Why is he crying so much? He was fine just now.' After all, Chloe had just changed his diaper so that shouldn't be the reason for him crying.

Ashley raised her head and glanced at Chloe. "Maybe he is hungry. Let me feed him."

Although Chloe was still angry with Ashley, her anger faded away when she saw Ashley being a good mother.

Walking over to Ashley, she carefully handed Bun to his mother.

When Ashley was about to lift her shirt, she noticed that Chloe was watching her intently.

Ashley felt somewhat embarrassed. She looked at Chloe awkwardly. "Chloe, could you please turn away?"

Although they were both girls, Ashley was not used to having someone looking at her breasts, let alone watch her nursing her child.

Chloe argued, "Why should I turn away? Just hurry up and feed Bun now. Besides, we are both women, so we both have breasts. What are you so conscious about?"

Ashley was stunned and speechless.

Even though Chloe's argument made sense, Ashley just wasn't used to showing her breasts to someone else.

However, Ashley didn't seem to have any other options.

She had no choice but to start breastfeeding Bun.

Immediately, Bun stopped crying.

However, after sucking only a few times, Bun suddenly stopped and grabbed Ashley's clothes tightly. Then he began to cry again. This time, however, his cries were quite weak.

Ashley watched helplessly. "Why is he acting like this?"

Chloe was clueless. She worriedly suggested, "Wait, I'm going to call the doctor."

"Hey, Chloe."

Before Ashley could call out to Chloe to stop her, she had already dashed out of the room.

"My baby boy, Bun. Don't cry. Mommy is here wi

Chloe didn't say anything this time.

Ashley looked at the food that Chloe had bought for her. All of it was very nutritious.

There was crucian carp soup, chicken soup, pig's feet soup, and spare-rib soup. All of the dishes were high in protein and other nutrients.

When Ashley's hunger was sated, she stopped eating. However, she hadn't eaten much recently, so she couldn't eat too much at once. It was better that she took it slowly.

After Ashley had eaten as much as she could, a hospital staff member came to clear the food away.

Chloe sat beside Ashley, but she didn't say anything.

Ashley gently pulled her sleeve and asked, "Chlo, are you still mad at me?"

Chloe replied with anger, "No. You make your own choices, and you can do whatever you want. How can I be angry? Besides, what's the point?"

Though she was obviously angry, she denied it.

Ashley pursed her lips and said to Chloe, "I'm sorry, Chlo. I'm not a good mother. After Tangyuan went missing, all I could do was to think about her. Tangyuan is a part of me, and she was taken from me less than a day after I gave birth to her.

You have no idea how desperate I was at that time, and my mind just went blank. I didn't know what to do. I just feel blessed that you guys were with me when I needed you. I really don't know why I tried to do such a stupid thing at the time."

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