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   Chapter 652 Pigeon Pair

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"Can I have a look at my baby now?" Ashley requested.

"Of course. Please wait for a moment. We'll bring them here," the nurse replied and then left the room.

After the nurse left, Ashley sat up on her bed, feeling a little nervous. In a few moments, she would finally see her baby. The child that she had had with Andrew.

She pursed her lips and smiled. She had made up her mind to go back to J City after giving birth.

Her so-called leukemia was just a false diagnosis. She left Andrew and all of J City because she didn't want him to worry about her, nor did she want herself to be a burden to him.

But now, she wanted to go back.

Soon, two nurses walked into her VIP ward.

Only patients with money could afford the VIP wards here. Usually, VIP patients were backed by deep pockets and power. Naturally, the nurses and doctors here paid more attention to Ashley than to other patients.

After all, the VIP wards were not for everyone.

Ashley didn't pay much attention to the two nurses at first as she thought that they had just come in to do some daily care.

However, she was completely shocked when she saw the two nurses holding a baby each.

"Are... Are these both... mine?"

she stuttered.

"Yes, you gave birth to a pigeon pair last night! This is the first time we have delivered boy-and-girl twins in our hospital!

And these two babies are amazing. They only cried for a short while after being delivered," one nurse explained as they carefully placed both babies on the bed next to Ashley.

Ashley fixed her eyes on the two babies lying beside her. She had never thought that she would give birth to fraternal twins!

"Oh, right. The boy is older than the girl. Also, there is a mole on the boy's left ear and a mole on the girl's right ear.

We were both shocked when we noticed it,"

one of the nurses said with a big

loe's eyes found Ashley again. "I still remember that you were alone when I first saw you. Now, you are a mother of three children! Things have changed so quickly," she sighed.

Looking at the three children, Ashley felt a little helpless. If it had been up to her, she wouldn't have had children so early in her life.

But what could she do now? She had already given birth to the babies. She had no choice but to take good care of them.

Although it was a little hard, this was the choice she had made. No matter what, Ashley would try her best to give her children a good life.

"Anyway, they're so cute. Their eyes and mouths look like yours. But their noses look a little straight. They're probably like the..."

Chloe murmured as she stared at the babies.

Ashley immediately looked down at them two and joked, "You can see that at such a young age?"

"Of course I can! Take a close look. Well, maybe it's a little hard to tell now. Anyway, they look so much like you. Just accept it," Chloe said firmly.

Ashley held back her laughter and nodded.

The babies were too adorable. Chloe picked up one of the babies and held her in front of Richard. "Richard, look, this is your sister. You must protect her from anything and anyone."

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