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   Chapter 649 Unnecessary Jealousy

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Leaving Ashley was the last thing Richard wanted to do. Immediately, he placed his arms around Chloe's waist, in hopes that she would understand. With his eyes brimming with tears, he sobbed, "Auntie Chloe, I don't want to go home now. I want to be with my mommy."

Richard had followed Chloe and slipped into the car when everything was in a panic. That indelible scene he saw in the living room could be the most traumatic experience of in his life.

Chloe smiled bitterly at the boy and was about to crouch down and lift him up when suddenly, someone else lifted him up and put him aside like a chicken being placed in its coop.

Richard stood dumbfounded, wondering what had happened and why he was placed aside. He blinked back his tears, raised his head to look at the man who just moved him away from his Auntie Chloe.

Chloe frowned at Nolan in confusion and asked, "Nolan, what are you doing?"

Nolan cast a glance at Richard before placing his arm around Chloe's waist. He narrowed his eyes at the boy as Richard leaned his head on the side, wondering what he did wrong. Nolan ignored the boy and turned to Chloe with a serious look. "Hey, body contact is not allowed between a man and a woman who are not in any relationship, didn't you know that? You should stay away from other men." Nolan gave the kid another glance before looking at Chloe's face that had turned into a glare. From beginning to end, Richard just looked at them with confusing eyes.

Meanwhile, Addis, who was standing behind Nolan, was shocked by Nolan's words and actions.

The sides of his lips formed into a curve. Nolan was being unreasonably jealous. This little boy was just four or five years old. Could he really be called a 'man' who's worth anyone's jealousy?

Addis then shook his head and thought about how his boss behaved immaturely.

Hearing Nolan's words, Chloe's frown turned into a dark glare as she faced him. She heaved a deep steamy sigh and said, "I can't imagine what is going on in that head of yours. I mean, you are just unbelievable. Do you even know how old Richard is?"

Rolling his eyes, Nolan responded with a snort and just tightened his grasp on her.

Chloe was annoyed at how Nolan was behaving. She removed his hand on her waist and knelt down in front of Richard to face him at eye level. Seeing the worry and the tears welling in his eyes, Chloe patted his head and asked, "Are you sure you don't want to go back home?" Richard slowly nodded his head in response. "You have to wait here and it might take a long time, if you insist on staying."

Richard nodded his head firmly this time and said, "I want to stay here with my mommy."

Chloe gave Richard a gentle smile. "You are such a brave boy, you know that? Well then, if you insist, you can stay here with me."

Chloe then lifted Richard and placed him on the long metal bench just outside the ward.

Then she sat down beside him and held on to the little boy's hand to make him feel that he was not alone, and that his mommy was going to be all right.

While the people at the hospital would be easily mistaken and think that Chloe and Richard were an adorable mother and son, Nolan thought and felt differently. His face darkened and his brows were knitted together as he stared at Chloe's hand holding Richard's.

As a matter of fact, if it weren't for Ashley's urgent phone call, Chlo

an unknown force, going against his own will.

Johnny asked Andrew again if he was ready to leave, interrupting Andrew from his train of thoughts. But he could not answer him, let alone find his voice to do so. Deep inside, he wanted to say yes, that he was ready to leave. Somehow, his feet would not move as if he was tied to something unseen and unknown.

However, this feeling was not entirely new to Andrew. It had been such a long time since he had this kind of feeling.

He still could clearly remember the first time he felt this way, and it was when Ashley first came into his life. He could not help but feel his heart beating fast at that time and even until now that he was thinking about her.

Coming back to reality, Andrew heaved a deep sigh and frowned slightly at the memory. "Let's go," he said finally after regaining his composure.

Johnny nodded and walked behind him silently. He knew and could easily tell that Andrew was in a bad mood. Whether it was because of how his discussion with the man went or a completely different thing, Johnny still dared not to say anything that would agitate Andrew any further.

As Andrew and Johnny walked towards the elevator on the other side of the hallway, Andrew noticed Chloe, Nolan and Richard sitting on the bench just outside Ashley's ward.

Before he passed by them, his feet suddenly stopped walking, and Johnny almost ran into Andrew's back but stopped himself just in time.

Johnny followed the direction of Andrew's stare. Andrew's frown was slowly fading away as he looked at Chloe, Nolan, and Richard sitting there like a family.

As Andrew looked at them, he immediately felt the longing for something similar as that. As a matter of fact, he had imagined this scene countless of times. Every time he saw a family of three, his mind would take him back to that kind of longing.

Andrew was taken back to the time he was still with Ashley. Together, they had dreamed of having a baby or two or even a bunch. He imagined Ashley with a huge bump on her belly while he took care of her. He even imagined them having children running round, enjoying quality time under the sun. All those imaginations felt so real, making him feel like a good husband and a great father.

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