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   Chapter 648 About To Give Birth

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Seeing that Richard was still standing by the door stubbornly, Ashley had no choice but to set aside the book in her hand. "Okay, okay! I'm going to rest now. Do you believe me this time?" she asked. He looked at her with big eyes and gave a light nod.

Since Richard had been sleeping in Ashley's bed, he began to love the feeling of safety that sleeping next to her brought.

This was how Richard knew that Ashley was staying up late to read these books.

A smile crept onto Richard's face as soon as Ashley put the book on the nightstand. . . . . . .

In J City

At the Lu Group

A man, resplendent in his well-tailored black suit, was sitting in the executive office, which seemed very austere with its black and white color scheme. His face was expressionless, or rather, he kept a poker-face.

The stiff colors were quite suitable for this office, which was the embodiment of formality.

A green potted plant had been placed in front of the man's desk. It was a succulent, and though it seemed out of place in this environment, it also brought some harmony to the space.

Andrew put aside the files in his hand and rubbed his throbbing temples.

His eyes wandered across the room and noticed the green potted plant. Suddenly, he seemed to have drifted off, lost in thought.

Instantly, his face darkened with anger.

Johnny knocked on the door. The habitual mask of indifference slipped back onto Andrew's face as usual. "Come in."

Johnny opened the door and marched in with a stack of documents piled high in his arms. "President Lu."

He carefully set the documents on the table as he said, "President Lu, these papers are about the matters in N Country. . . . . ."

Andrew frowned and was about to reply, but Johnny spoke again as if he already knew what Andrew was going to say, "Mr. Lu, this is the third time. It is high time that you go there."

Johnny ran the back of his hand across his forehead as he left the office, only to find that cold sweat had beaded on his brow. The president's presence was a morbid terror to him now. Every time Joh

tch up with him.

Feeling somewhat annoyed, Nolan bit his lips and decided to ignore what just happened. In the end, he gave up on what he considered an overly close relationship between Chloe and Ashley.

At the hospital

Ashley was rushed directly into the emergency room. Seeing that the doctor was about to enter the room, Chloe hastily stopped the doctor and asked, "Doctor, how is she? She will be okay, right?"

"The patient is now in labor. She will be giving birth soon. Family members, please wait outside by the waiting room and we will update you as soon as possible."

Afterwards, the doctor turned around and rushed back into the emergency room. Ashley will be wheeled into the delivery room shortly. As the doors closed, Chloe and the others were left alone with their worries in the waiting room.

Chloe turned around and noticed Richard standing beside her.

She felt dazed for a moment. Who had brought Richard here? She didn't remember bringing him along.

"How did you get here, Richard? Don't worry. Your mom will be fine. She is going to give birth to a baby brother for you. She will come out soon. I will arrange for someone to take you home."

Everything happened so quickly, and Chloe was so anxious to get Ashley to the hospital that she had almost forgotten about Richard. She needed to look for someone to take care of him while Ashley was in labor.

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