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   Chapter 647 Gambling Stone

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Ashley took out her cell phone as she thought about calling the one person who would know more about this than her—Chloe.

Chloe was amazed to receive Ashley's call. Normally, she was the active caller.

Of course, this was because of Ashley's pregnancy. Ashley could barely spare any time to call Chloe as she was just too busy all day.

"Ashley, what's up?" Chloe answered as she dodged Nolan's groping hand. "

Ashley pursed her lips, "Chloe, do you have some time now? Could you come out? There's something I have to talk to you about. "

No sooner had she finished speaking when Chloe responded, "Yes, I am free right now... What time? Right now? OK, Let's meet up at our usual spot."

Ashley smiled and said, "Okay."

After putting her phone away, Ashley looked at Richard and said, "Let's go. We're going to see Aunt Chloe, okay? "

Richard tried to remember who Chloe was then he nodded in agreement.

At the cafe, by the time Ashley walked in with Richard, Chloe was already seated. She gestured for Ashley to come sit with her.

"Ashley, how have you been? What happened?"

"Oh, it's nothing too serious. I just wanted to ask you something," Ashley replied.

"What is it? You know you can ask me anything, right?"

Ashley then took out the stone that she and Richard had bought in the market and put it in front of Chloe. "Have a look at this stone."

Chloe took a closer look at the stone, her eyes squinting in an attempt to recognize the features in order to identify it. "What exactly am I looking at? It's just an ordinary stone, isn't it? "

Ashley pressed her lips together and mumbled, "Check again carefully, maybe you can find something different about it."

Ashley's sense of urgency worried Chloe a bit as she peered into the stone once more.

The second time, however, she noticed something odd.

Chloe had seen this kind of stone before. It was also the time that she discovered another side to Nolan.

Chloe furrowed her eyebrows and said, "This se


No one noticed how Ashley's frame of mind had changed since she was viciously and wrongly accused, then fired from the Tang Group.

She realized that no matter what she did or how well she behaved, there would still be people in the world who wouldn't like her.

Sometimes even hard work and effort couldn't guarantee success.

As such, Ashley decided to become financially smart and cultivate her wealth because money spoke louder than anything else.

Richard looked at her and his face displayed signs of concern when Ashley frowned, seemingly faced with a problem.

It was getting late.

Richard brought a blanket from his room and put it over Ashley's shoulders.

"Mommy, it's late now. You should go to bed." His lovely voice warmed Ashley's heart as she turned over and focused her eyes on him.

Gently, she stroked his hair and said softly, "You should go to bed first, honey. I will go to bed after this."

Richard pressed his lips together and didn't say anything else. He didn't believe what his new mommy had said.

Ashley spent the past few days like this. Every time she said that she would go to bed soon, she would actually go to bed very late.

Sometimes, Richard would wake up in the middle of the night and find the light in Ashley's room still switched on. How could he feel at ease?

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