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   Chapter 639 Sir, You Are Not Allowed To Go Out

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Although Collin had said this in a very calm tone, Duncan could imagine what had happened to Ashley afterwards.

She was working in a strange city, completely new to her, and was all alone. Every single worker there was a stranger to her. And after that, she was accused of stealing other people's work and was fired from the company.

He could imagine how helpless, pitiful and sad she would have been at the time.

To be honest, he couldn't compare anything to what had happened to her. Every time he thought of what Ashley had gone through, he felt a pang in his heart. It was just so unfair.

His heart throbbed with pain!

Collin finished his words and waited for a long time, but he heard nothing from the other end of the line, which worried him a little. He was wondering if Duncan was frightened by what he had said.

Or was there no one on the other side anymore?

"Sir Duncan? Sir? You still there?" Collin repeated called out for Duncan. It finally worked.

"Alright. You continue following the news in N Country. If anything happens to her, tell me immediately. Remember, pay special attention to her!"

Then he hung up the phone.

The next second, he stormed out of the room as if something really bad had happened.

As he passed by Haley, he threw the phone to its owner who deftly caught it.

Haley heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that his phone was still intact. This was his newly bought cellphone. It would have been a terrible ordeal if the poor phone had to suffer Duncan's wrath.

At the same time, he also saw that Duncan was walking out angrily. He looked at him in confusion and wondered, 'What's going on? He was fine just now. How could just a single phone call destroy his mood so suddenly!

Duncan hurried downstairs and was about to step out of the villa when he was stopped by a burly man, clad completely in black, who appeared out of nowhere. "Sir, you are not allowed to leave the villa!"

Sparing just one glance at the man who had stopped him, Duncan commanded in a cold voice, "Get out of my way!"

Duncan had grown up in the Tang household with humili

an't you wait for your father to come back?"

"No! I have to leave now!"

Duncan had no idea what was going on out there, so he wanted to leave as soon as possible and make sure Ashley was safe and sound.

He was worried about Ashley's condition.

He wouldn't have behaved like this if it hadn't been for Ashley.

All of a sudden, Duncan tried a different tactic. He looked at his mother with pitiful eyes and in a flirtatious tone, asked, "Mom, I really have something important to take care of and I have to leave now. I swear, I will come back as soon as I settle this matter. Okay? Please Mom."

"He's right, Aunt Carrie. He really has something important to deal with this time. Please, just let him go."

After a lot of coaxing and pleading by Duncan and Haley, Carrie finally gave in and nodded.

"Alright Duncan, let's go. I'll give it a try. But your father's the one who has hired all those bodyguards outside. I'm not sure if they will listen to me. If they don't let you out, then there's nothing I can do."

Duncan nodded and said, "Okay, thanks, Mom."

May be Hanley had been working overtime in the company. Carrie didn't know when exactly, he was going to be home. It was already late afternoon and Hanley hadn't come back yet.

Duncan followed her closely as they walked outside. Carrie could leave at any time, but Duncan was once again stopped by the bodyguards half-way outside.

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