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   Chapter 589 Not Modest At All

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Ashley was all smiles to see Chloe.

It was very refreshing to see a familiar face here.

"Let's go get some dinner. I think we should celebrate meeting up like this," Chloe said.

Ashley didn't mind having dinner with Chloe. It would be a refreshing pace from her work where something went wrong earlier in the morning. Other than that, it was a pretty good day for Ashley.

Ashley eagerly agreed to have dinner with Chloe.

Ashley expected Chloe to treat her out to some average restaurant. She was surprised when Chloe took her to a five star hotel.

With an embarrassed expression, Ashley said, "Chloe, how about we eat somewhere else? I mean, isn't it a little, well, pricey?"

"No, you're my first friend here. I want to treat you to some place special. I'll also drive you home later."

"I appreciate your sentiment, Chloe. I really do, but maybe we should eat somewhere more affordable," Ashley said.

Chloe was adamant about her choice. In the end, there was nothing Ashley could do to change her mind.

It was a Chinese restaurant. Chloe probably figured that Ashley would not be used to the local food served in the other establishments. This surely would have been a good choice for them.

Chloe held Ashley's hand and walked in.

After they sat down, the waiter brought the menu to them.

Chloe asked the waiter to give the menu to Ashley. "Ashley, don't be too polite. Order whatever you like. After all, I'm not the one who's going to pay for it," Chloe said.

"Huh?" Ashley almost choked at what she heard.

"Haha! I'm obviously kidding! I didn't mean that. Of course I'm paying and you can order whatever you want!" Chloe said.

Ashley browsed the menu and ordered two dishes. She asked, "Chloe, what do you like to eat?"

"I'm okay wit

sked, "Who called you?"

Ashley smiled and answered, "She's the landlady. She was worried because it's a little late and I'm not home yet."

"That's nice," replied Chloe with a nod.

Before Ashley could answer, a deep, sexy and hoarse voice reached her ears. "What's so nice?"

Ashley noticed that Chloe's face suddenly froze. It was not very encouraging, and Ashley turned around.

Ashley wondered what was going on.

When Ashley turned around, she saw a man walking towards them. The man looked young and fit, and he was getting closer to them.

The man wore a black well-tailored suit and a pair of black leather shoes. He stood steadily with his hair gelled. He was quite tall, and his eyes seemed very intimidating. No one dared stare at the man and he was a little scary.

Ashley noticed that the man had been staring at Chloe all this time.

Chloe didn't even seem to notice the man now. "Come on, Ashley. Let's go."

Ashley was a little confused, and she stood up to leave with Chloe.

When they were about to leave, the man suddenly stepped forward and stood between Chloe and Ashley. "Come with me."

Chloe stared at the man defiantly. "I'm not going with you!"

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