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   Chapter 585 Arrogant Assistant

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If Ashley didn't need this job so badly she would protest having to wear the light coffee colored dress. She was even starting to wonder if this was a legit job or not. After all, why was she being asked to wear something like this? It seemed quite unusual.

Nonetheless, Ashley took the other dress from the assistant and went to change.

Not everyone could wear a coffee colored dress. If the person did not have the right temperament for it, it would look absolutely awful.

It was a middle-length sleeve top and a pair of slacks.

They were less eye-catching than the light green dress she had just worn.

The assistant breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay. Come with me now. I'll tell you some dos and don'ts about Sarah.

Sarah doesn't like being questioned. So you have to follow her orders at all times. Best to keep your thoughts to yourself and work quietly. Sometimes, she may give you wrong instructions and you follow them? She'll still consider it your fault and responsibility. I know how that sounds, but that's just the way things are here. Sarah gets cut a lot of slack because of her talent.

What's more, Sarah likes coffee, but she only likes cappuccino with sugar. And she only drinks coffee bought from one shop. I'll tell you the name of the shop later.

And, about the food, Sarah doesn't like sweet food. No shallot, ginger and garlic should be seen on her food. Her food has to taste good. Her favorite restaurant is called Breeze, and... "

Lena rattled off all of Sarah's demands and requirements. Ashley could barely keep up with all the instructions. She wished she had brought a notebook. The woman was just a designer. How could she have so many demands?

She seemed more difficult to please than the president!

The assistant finally said, "Well, that's all. I can't stress enough that

pression changed a little. She glanced at them and said, "Come in then. But she is working on a design right now, so you had better keep your voice down."

"Okay, thank you," the assistant replied

Zena didn't say anything more. Instead, she turned around and walked ahead of them coldly.

Following Zena, Ashley couldn't help but ask Lena in a low voice, "Who is she? Why do I feel that she is a little... arrogant."

"She is quite proud just like Sarah. Sarah's the best designer in the company so she's earned the right to be proud. Zena is Sarah's assistant and is just as proud," the assistant said.

Ashley felt more than a little amused as she watched Zena waking in front of them.

How could she wear a dress like that? It did not look good on her at all.

Was Sarah, the great designer, afraid that her assistant might steal her thunder?

Ashley decided not to think about such things anymore.

It was a silly idea.

Ashley followed Lena through a long corridor.

There were rows and rows of clothes hanging on both sides of the corridor.

The design style was mostly European and they looked quite exquisite.

Suddenly, Ashley felt a lot more curious to meet this great designer, Sarah.

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