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   Chapter 583 Assistant

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It was a good thing that Tony declined Ashley's invitation to eat out. Ashley would have been so embarrassed if she could not pay for the meal.

Soon enough, Monday came.

Ashley took great effort to restrain her excitement and got up early. She put on a suit and made her hair into a bun. Her skin was pink and bright from the right makeup and her own energy. She was raring to start working.

Today Ashley got up earlier than usual. Although she was asked to go there at 9 o'clock in the morning, she thought it would be better for her to go there early. Besides, she was not familiar with the general area yet and the GPS on her phone could only go so far. There was nothing that could beat familiarity borne of time spent in an area. It was time for Ashley to start developing that familiarity with her workplace.

As soon as Ashley went out, she bumped into Tony. She greeted him with a smile. "Tony! What a coincidence! Where are you going?"

"Actually, I've been waiting for you here," Tony said.

"Huh?" Ashley asked.

Tony pressed his hands on his temple. He was really starting to get a little stressed.

The previous night, after he returned to their apartment, Selma had asked him if Ashley had gotten a job.

Tony told her that she had indeed gotten hired. Today, Selma woke him early in the morning so that he could accompany Ashley on her first day.

For Selma, it would be a good idea to have Tony tag along with Ashley to the company. After all, this was her first day and she was not familiar with the surroundings.

Selma and Ronald were both too busy with their own jobs so it was up to Tony to go with her.

Seeing that Ashley was a little confused, Tony said to her, "Today is your first day at work, isn't it? You're not familiar with the place so I figured I should go with you. Well, we better get moving. We don't want you to be late on your first day, eh?"

Ashley nodded and followed Tony to the company.

When they arrived at the entrance to the Tang Group office, Ashley smiled at Tony and said, "Well, we're here. I guess you can go now. Thanks for coming with me."

"Don't mention it. Just be careful at work. T

hat Collin would back Ashley up like this. What did he see in her?

"It's been quite some time since I needed help. We can manage very fine now. It's probably best that you send her to another department."

Collin was not sure what to say to Eilene. After all, it would not be a problem to send Ashley to another department, however he did promise Duncan he would have Ashley work in this department.

"Maybe you still have a vacant position for an assistant or something. Come on, she needs the work, and I'm sure she'll be competent,"

urged Collin, looking at Eilene.

Trina hesitated before answering. "I'll think about it. We don't have any vacant positions. I'm not sure she would be a good fit for us right now."

That was when an assistant hurriedly ran into the room. The assistant was almost out of breath. "Trina! There's been a freak accident! Sarah's assistant has suddenly injured her hand and she needs an assistant to take her place badly!". . . . ."


The assistant took a glance at Trina and Collin cautiously and said, "Sarah said she needs a new assistant now. If she doesn't get one soon the new design will not come out on time or be done properly.". . . . ."

"The design can't be worked out in time?" There was a clear tone of frustration in Trina's voice. "How can she do that? She knows just how important that new design is, and now this happens? Sometimes I think she does this on purpose!"

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