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   Chapter 581 Depressed

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thought Collin, depressed.

The man on the sofa turned around. His features were clear and easy to see now. It was Duncan. He had secretly followed Ashley to N Country to see how she was.

Duncan did nothing but spy on Ashley the moment he arrived. He kept tabs on her secretly and obsessively.

The Tang family had a family tradition of joining the army. Duncan's father slowly broke away from the tradition and focused on business, mainly real estate. It was Duncan's father who slowly built the Tang family fortune.

Duncan wanted to see Ashley now, but he didn't know what to say when he saw her.

Moreover, rumors came from J City that Andrew was searching for Ashley vigorously. It could only mean that Andrew did not have a clue about Ashley's whereabouts. He had no idea she was abroad.

When Duncan heard about the news from Haley, he couldn't help but feel more than a little delighted, deep inside. Perhaps he still had a chance!

Duncan's father still didn't trust him, and he hired an assistant to follow Duncan wherever he went.

That assistant was Collin. He just followed Duncan to N Country. Duncan didn't appreciate Collin tagging alongside him everywhere he went, so Duncan had him take different jobs and tasks at the Tang Group.

As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

Besides, this assistant was smart. He wouldn't bother Duncan if there was nothing important.

Duncan was happy to send Collin off to various errands and be free of him.

Apparently, Collin wasn't smart enough. He had showed up here to disturb Duncan with some news, and Duncan didn't like that.

Collin could see that Duncan was not pleased to see him. He was very impatient to hear why he was even here, and Collin decided to get straight to the point. He told Duncan he had seen Ashley today.

"Mr. Duncan, I saw the girl you came here for. She went out to look for a job today."

"What did you say?" asked Duncan.

Duncan almost jumped out of the sofa when he heard what Collin just said.

"You said you saw

r wronged by anybody."

"Okay, Mr. Duncan. Rest assured that she will not have any issues with anyone in the company."

"When do you want her to start working?"

"I'll ask Miss Mu to come on Monday, just the day after tomorrow. What do you think?"

"I'll let you decide. By the way, maybe you can give me a position in the company."

Collin looked at Duncan in surprise, and did not speak for a long time.

Seeing that Collin did not speak, Duncan turned around and looked at him. "What's wrong? Is there a problem?"

"No, no, there's none," Collin replied nervously.

He was totally shocked by what he had heard.

Didn't Duncan say that he didn't want to work in the company?

Before this moment, Duncan had never set foot in any of the Tang Group offices. He had always turned down the chance to work at the company, even when his father asked him to do so. He had always been so averse to working for the company.

Now he suddenly wanted to go to work. It seemed like a radical change of heart.

Just as Collin was thinking about this, Duncan said, "Is there anything else?"

Collin shook his head. "No." He had come to meet Duncan about Ashley. Now that he had relayed his message, it was time to go.

Collin knew that it was time for him to leave.

"Sir Duncan, so from now on, I don't have to go to the recruiting meeting?

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