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   Chapter 575 You Are A Wise Woman

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Updated: 2020-03-19 02:44

Ashley held her handbag tighter and wondered how their eyes got fixed on her.

She was sure nobody had followed her when she withdrew the money. She couldn't have been more alert.

Ashley had a lot of work to do as she had decided to settle down in M Country. That's why she decided to withdraw some cash in case of emergencies.

She stole a sly glance at the people behind her and was surprised to see that they were still following her. Anyway, she didn't withdraw plenty of cash.

Looking around desperately, she found few pedestrians on the street. Maybe it was because it was getting dark.

She strutted towards the crowd, trying to ignore the people following her.

Poor Ashley didn't know that M Country was a dangerous place. It was peaceful and prosperous in the daytime, but the evilness of the place would stir up at night. Hooligans, gangsters, and robbers would lurk in every corner of the streets as night fell.

Ashley quickened her pace as an ominous feeling arose in her heart.

The stalkers behind Ashley cursed in a low voice and scurried forward to match her pace.

Ashley walked as fast as her legs could carry her, but the men hurried forward and surrounded her.

Ashley's heart leaped in her throat and sweat beaded on her forehead. She tried to make eye contact with other pedestrians to signal for help but they just seemed to ignore her.

She felt like a deer trapped by a bunch of hungry lions, waiting to pounce on her. She didn't dare to scream for help as she was afraid that the hooligans would hurt her.

Instead, she took deep breaths, trying to calm her racing heart. She cleared her throat and finally asked, "Who are you? What do you want?"

One of the hooligans with yellow hair said, "What do we want? Well, why don't you take a wild guess?

Ah! I can smell money. Take them out."

Ashley involuntarily moved her purse tighter to her chest.

She had guessed it right; they were after her money.

Ashley glanced at the gangsters who had surrounded her and shoved her hand into her bag. She lifted her trembling hands with mon

ey are going to help you? I hate to break the truth to you. But they don't give a shit about you."

The man guffawed.

He was amused by Ashley's panic-stricken face.

"Well, it's late now. You should go to bed."

The man with yellow hair said. Ashley cleared her throat and uttered, "Sure. I will go with you. But how do you expect me to go with you when you're all around me like hawks waiting for their prey? You all are strong and I'm a weak woman. Don't worry, there is no chance of me escaping," she said as she crossed her arms across her chest.

"You seem like a sensible woman. Fine, I believe you. Go ahead."

The men parted, leaving room for Ashley to walk. They followed her without a trace of doubt.

They were strong men and didn't seem to be bothered by Ashley walking in front of them. They felt that they could easily thwart her attempt even if she tried to escape.

Ashley walked slowly, peering at the surroundings, waiting for the right time to make her move.

The men were excited and didn't care to pay attention to Ashley.

Ashley closed her eyes. She decided to make a move, ready to accept her fate.

Ashley's gaze settled on a wide road ahead of her. She took a deep breath and sprinted forward.

Ashley had grown up working out and had the stamina to run fast. Now, she ran as fast as she could, praying that she could make it safely tonight.

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