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   Chapter 574 Being Cold Hearted

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"Fine," said Amaia.

Amaia and Johnny were only inches away from each other. The closeness made Amaia's heart beat faster and her cheeks grow hotter. She took a step back.

She hadn't noticed the wall behind her and her head was about to bump on to the wall. Johnny immediately balanced the file in one hand and placed his hand behind her to prevent the collision.

"Watch out!" Johnny said.

As Amaia's head collided into Johnny's hand, their stomachs began to flutter and they couldn't comprehend what the feeling was.

Although Johnny had guarded her head, a small part of it had bumped into the wall.

Amaia wasn't as spoiled as Susie was, but she still yelped in pain and her eyes had begun to prickle with tears. Her parents had spoiled her when she was a child and she had grown up to become a whiny person who complained about everything.

Seeing Amaia in tears, Johnny frowned and asked, "What happened? Are you okay?"

Amaia nodded her head. "I'm fine."

Although she said that she was fine, she couldn't control the tears. She was frowning and crying like a rebellious child.

Johnny looked at her with worried eyes. "Why were you being careless?"

"I didn't know that there was a wall behind me," Amaia said looking sad.

Amaia had come to visit Johnny to find out about Ashley. She was broken when he said that he didn't know where Ashley was and had been standing there for a while, lost in her thoughts. But Amaia became conscious when reality hit her, and she realized that she and Johnny were alone in the room.

Johnny put the file aside and walked towards Amaia. "Come here. I'll massage your head for you."

Amaia saw Johnny put the file carelessly on the floor and raised an eyebrow to give a disapproving look. "How can you put the file on the floor?"

"What other choice do I have? Come here."

She stuck her tongue out and pulled a funny face at Johnny. Amaia was shorter than Johnny

was bad with directions, she had a good memory.

Ashley was fixing her clothes and was lost in her thoughts.

Since she was already familiar with the place, she decided to go out and find a hospital.

The main purpose of her staying here was to find a good hospital for her treatment.

But to her annoyance, Ashley had lost her way.

She didn't want to bother Selma. So, she decided to find her way out and continued to walk on the street.

It was getting dark and Ashley was walking under the street lights. Some people were still walking on the street, which made her feel safe.

It was already ten o'clock and Ashley remembered the name of the community she lived in. Just when she was thinking whether she should take the taxi or not, something behind Ashley caught her attention.

Ashley was already abducted before and the fear of being abducted rose in her chest once again. She was vigilant when she was alone.

When she turned around, she saw a few people in leather jackets, leather pants, and Martin boots. Some of them were smoking and were on a serious discussion with phones in their hands, but Ashley couldn't hear what they were talking about.

Ashley's lungs constricted at the sight of the people. She hoped that they weren't who she thought they were.

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