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   Chapter 571 Hypocrites

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Greyson had no idea what Andrew was thinking about. Just a few days ago, he was so eager to find out about Ashley's whereabouts, but now, he was acting like he was not interested anymore.

Even Johnny couldn't figure out what was going on in Andrew's head. He didn't know why Andrew would say such a thing. His eyes shifted towards Greyson and he said, "Could you please leave us for a while? I need to talk to the president alone."

Greyson opened his mouth in protest, but judging from Johnny's narrowed eyes at him, it was probably better not to interfere. Whatever this was, he could trust Johnny to talk some sense into Andrew.

Greyson nodded and excused himself before he tried to plan his routes again for his search for Ashley.

Andrew's sunken and hollow eyes had never looked so desperate and helpless. It had already been two days since Ashley had disappeared.

Andrew hadn't slept in the two days since he found out about Ashley's disappearance. No matter how much he tried, he was always restless in bed. He also wanted to be awake in case someone would offer a tip of her whereabouts.

Johnny was new to this side of Andrew. He had never seen him this vulnerable before. His eyes were dark and distant, and his body seemed to restrain itself to the hunched back that he had now grown accustomed to.

In the two days that had passed, Andrew was ruthless against his own body.

How could Johnny just stand by and not worry about him?

"Mr. Lu, why don't you try and get some sleep? Greyson is currently on watch right now. He'll try to look for Mrs. Lu while you rest. Please get some. I don't think we have to worry so much. Please leave the rest to us.

If your wife were to see you like this, she would definitely be worried about you. Please rest, sir, for Mrs. Lu's sake."

Johnny knew that he should appeal to emotion rather than reason seeing as Andrew was too distraught. This was why he tried to mention Ashley.

Just as he expected, Andrew shifted when he heard Ashley's name. He raised his head and looked at Johnny with withered eyes.

That was all he saw until Andrew suddenly collapsed.

"Boss! Boss!"

Johnny yelled as he rushed to him on the floor.

He quickly checked his head. Andrew had fallen quite hard on the tiled floor, and he needed to make sure that Andrew was still all right.

He sat him up and made him lean on the inside of his knee. He tried to shake him awake, but Andrew wasn't responding.

Hearing Johnny's alarmed voice, Claire rushed upstairs and shoved the door open. When she saw what had happened, she gasped and approache

re he fulfilled that role.

Chant heard their bantering outside and he couldn't stop himself from frowning deeply. It was such a shame that the Lu family was a mess.

Chant glanced at Porter and the man straightened immediately. "Go out and see what they're trying to do. Help out Johnny, if you can. Andrew's still trying to recover and they're outside creating a scene. They bring dishonor to this family!"

Porter quickly nodded and turned to face the ward door.

"Sir Ethan and Madam Arya," Porter greeted as he opened the door from inside.

Ethan's eyes changed from anger to surprise at the sight of the old man. "Porter? What are you doing here?"

"Mr. Chant was worried about his grandson and he came to see him," Porter answered succinctly.

But before Ethan or Arya could speak again, Porter raised a hand to signal them to wait. "Mr. Chant had asked me to come out to tell you that Mr. Lu is recuperating. He asked that you take your noise elsewhere."

Ethan's eye twitched in annoyance and he tried to reason out with the butler. "Well, that's why we're here. We want to see our son."

Porter had simply nodded. He didn't say anything, and nor did he give them a reassuring smile. It was hard to get through Porter that Arya and Ethan were always worried because they couldn't seem to get their way around him.

They had only wanted to see Andrew. Why would they be here so late if they hadn't been worried?

Andrew still hadn't woken up from his day-long coma. His parents had every right to be worried.

As he stood in front of them, the sound of heels clicking behind him alerted Porter. He quickly rushed towards Chant's aid, supporting his arm as he went to the door to talk to Ethan and Arya.

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