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   Chapter 569 The CEO Is Not Here

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"Come with me, Lesley. It's time we pay Andrew a visit," Susie said.

Susie held Lesley's hand and pulled her towards her car. When they entered the car, Susie headed for Golden Palace.

It was a short drive to Golden Palace. When they arrived there, Susie and Lesley got out of the car, and headed straight to the front door.

Susie knocked at the door, and Claire opened it. Claire saw Susie and Lesley standing in front of her. "Hello. May I help you?" Claire asked.

"We're here to see my brother Andrew," Susie said with authority.

Claire was not sure why Susie and Lesley would suddenly show up at their doorstep. What she was aware of, was that Andrew and his family were always estranged. Their arrival here was surely no good.

Claire could still remember the last time one of Andrew's relatives came to visit.

That was when Andrew's step mother Arya came. She could clearly remember how she drove Ashley away.

That already caused a lot of trouble back then.

Now Ashley was missing again, and suddenly Andrew's sister and another woman showed up. This was not good at all.

Claire stood her ground and spoke plainly to Susie, "I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to let anyone inside without the Master saying so. And he did not say he was expecting any guests today."

Susie couldn't believe what she was hearing. How dare one of the household help be so rude to her? She was rude to her, and to Lesley! Didn't she know who they were?

Susie's face went red with anger, and she spoke harshly to Claire. "How dare you speak to me like that? Are you even aware of who I am? Of who we are? Don't be so arrogant. Get out of my way! We have to get in!"

Claire held her ground. She would not be moved by Susie and Lesley.

"I have my orders. I'm sorry." Claire was about to close the door, but Susie stretched her hand, and prevented Claire from closing the door.

Susie would not let Claire close the door on them like this. Tha

Johnny smiled at Lesley. She could not be sure if he was being sarcastic, or not. "I'm sorry, but we are just following the boss' orders. No one is to be allowed inside unless he said so. If you insist on breaking in, then I have no choice but to call Mr. Lu, and notify him of your actions."

Susie was not afraid of anyone in the Lu family except Andrew. Every time she saw him, she would tremble with fear.

Andrew always had a reputation of being short-tempered and intimidating. Susie had experienced this first hand. There was no doubt in Susie's mind that Andrew could be very imposing and scary.

But her pride didn't allow her to leave. They were already here, and they would not be thrown out like this. "My brother has not been to work for two days. What has happened to him? Everyone in the company is starting to wonder. We just came here to check up on him. Our parents are worried about him!"

Johnny nodded to Susie and said, "You can rest assured, Miss Lu. Mr. Lu is fine. He is just taking some time off after his business trip to Y City. It was quite taxing for Mr. Lu, and he needs to recharge. He will be back soon. If you don't have anything else to say, you can take your leave now, Miss Lu and Miss Feng."

Susie snorted and turned away. She couldn't stand any of this, any longer.

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