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   Chapter 568 Grow Up

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Angelina pushed Jeremy's hands away and turned to look at him. "Jeremy, you're an adult now. Don't cover my eyes and make me guess who you are. It's so childish," she complained as she rolled her eyes.

Jeremy pinched her nose affectionately and said, "How could you say that? You, yourself are still a child, at least in Mom and Dad's eyes you are. A little child that hasn't grown up yet."

"Whatever," Angelina said as she crossed her arms over her chest. Although there was a playful smile on her lips.

Jeremy looked at Angelina. "What were you thinking? You looked so happy just now."

Angelina thought for a while and answered, "I guess I really am kind of happy. Maybe it's because I've finally been able to fit in your circle. I have two friends now, Susie and Lesley! What's more, Lesley is the most beautiful lady in J City!

Isn't that great?"

The smile on Jeremy's face faded when he heard the two other women's names.

But Angelina was too overjoyed that she didn't notice Jeremy's reaction.

Jeremy looked at the happy expression on her face and didn't want to say anything more.

It was true that he didn't want to see Angelina hang out with Susie and Lesley. But he thought it was best if he just ignored it. He should take it upon himself to keep his distance from them.

Jeremy patted Angelina's head. "Well, it's late now. Let's go home quickly," he said to her.


Jeremy suddenly sighed, a bitter expression appearing on his face.

"Hey, what's wrong with you, Jeremy?" Angelina turned to Jeremy and asked with concern.

Glancing at Angelina, Jeremy decided to get straight to the point with Angelina. "Have you heard that Ashley left J City?"

Upon hearing Ashley's name, Angelina felt a sudden wave of guilt that she had no idea where it was coming from. Just a moment ago, they were talking about Ashley. At that moment, Angelina's heart quickened its pace.

Thinking that Jeremy might not know anything yet, Ange

inherit the Feng Group. In other words, she and our CEO are the absolute perfect match!"

"Yeah I agree that they would be perfect for each other. But what's the big deal? Why are you getting so happy and excited about it?"

"Can't I be happy? Miss Lesley said thank you to me just now. Her voice was so gentle and sweet!"

"I really don't know who the hell that Ashley is. Why does our CEO think so highly of her? Even going as far as marrying her! They're like oil and water if you ask me.

Why does our CEO take a fancy to her? I'm pretty sure that Ashley used rotten ways to make our CEO fall in love with her."

"I agree with you. Miss Feng is such a good person. Ashley stole the president away from her.

But it's okay now. Ashley has left J City. Perhaps she left because she thought she didn't deserve the president."

"Now I'm thinking, her disappearance is really such a stroke of luck! Miss Feng can finally be with our CEO!"

The other person just smiled politely and said nothing more.

Susie held Lesley's hand as they walked out the company. "Lesley, my brother may be in Golden Palace now. Let's go there and look for him!" she said hurriedly.

"But Andrew doesn't like others to go to his place unannounced," Lesley said hesitantly.

"Come on now! You're not like those other people!"

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