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   Chapter 567 What Exciting News

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Compared to Andrew, Chant had much more experience and connections in the entirety of J. City.

Chant was the very man who had built the Lu Group from the ground up. He was the one who successfully propelled the Lu Group to become one of the leading companies in J City.

That was why Andrew had to see Chant this time.

Chant thought for a while before he got Andrew's intentions. He sighed and looked at Andrew with narrowed eyes, "You should have taken better care of your wife. Now look at you, bothering an old man like me. All right then. Let's go."

Andrew pressed his lips together and refused to say anything. He knew that it was his fault, after all. He wouldn't have let Ashley go if he wasn't so careless.

It was his own fault that he didn't take good care of Ashley.

Johnny and Greyson were trying their best to look for Ashley within J City.

Greyson had also relayed this matter to his friends so they could help look for Ashley.

When they found out, they all wondered who Ashley was.

Greyson didn't specify that it was actually the very Ashley whom Andrew had married.

They wondered why Greyson would be so anxious to find this person.

However, some of the people who had attended the Feng Group CEO's birthday party knew who Ashley was.

So apparently the rumor was true. Andrew's wife was missing. Andrew had almost turned the entire J City upside down, searching for his wife.

It came as no surprise then that Lesley, Susie and Angelina had also received the news.

When Susie heard the rumors, she looked unhappy and quite impatient. She even looked a little disgusted as she frowned in front of the two of them.

"I don't know what they're so worried about. Ashley has already left J City. My brother's still worried about her! He even sent a swarm of people to look for her, Greyson included. Why would he care so much?"

"Well, who knows if Greyson is also involved in her leaving?" Angelin

he strength to deny it.

She really liked her relationship with Angelina.

She loved how they can banter back and forth. She was delighted to see her and catch up from time to time.

Angelina smiled to both Susie and Lesley. "Come on, let's all leave together. I still have to wait by the lobby to get picked up."

"Okay, let's go!" Susie said as she stood.

"Bye, Angelina," Lesley said with a quaint smile.

"Goodbye, you two."

Angelina watched them leave with a soft smile on her face.

She couldn't believe that Ashley had finally left J City.

Based on what Susie had told her, it seemed that Ashley would never come back. So her secret could be kept safe, her entire life.

Now, she was the new heiress of the Gu family!

Also, she was now the only daughter.

Angelina's smile widened. She couldn't help herself and had difficulty containing her happiness. She was just so elated!

When Jeremy arrived, he saw Angelina standing by the mezzanine, standing in under the warmth of the sun, with her face absolutely filled with joy.

He grinned mischievously and crept up behind her, before he covered her eyes quickly. "Who am I?" he asked in a low, restrained voice.

Angelina suddenly burst into laughter, "Jeremy, stop! I know it's you. Stop playing with me."

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