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   Chapter 561 Where Did Ashley Go

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"What happened?" Lesley asked, stepping in closer. After hearing that Susie had news about Ashley, Lesley's interest was greatly aroused.

"Lesley, Angelina, get ready for what I'm about to tell you!" Susie said, looking at them both with a mysterious look in her eyes.

Then, Susie straightened up and cleared her throat dramatically, "Ashley has left J City!"

Her words left the two women frozen and wide eyed. They couldn't say a thing despite the fact that their mouths were agape.

Susie looked at them expectantly, trying to keep herself from smiling.

Every time she thought that Ashley had finally left, she couldn't help but get happier and happier. There was nothing more that exhilarated her more than Ashley's departure.

Lesley was the first one to snap out of it. Blinking, she looked at Susie in disbelief. "What... What did you just say?" she asked in a low voice.

'Did I hear that correctly? Is Ashley really out of J City?'

Even Angelina stared at Susie in disbelief. It was as if Susie had announced to them that the sun had suddenly started to rise in the west.

At this point, a big smile bloomed on Susie's face. "I'm telling you... Ashley has left J City and she will never come back, ever!"

Slowly, Lesley nodded, letting the news sink in to her. So it was just as she had heard. Ashley was gone.

Angelina couldn't believe what she had heard as well. She would never expect that this was what Susie wanted to tell them today. Now there was no need for Angelina to go through with her plan to dispose of Ashley since she had already left J City!

Meanwhile, Lesley sat down and poured herself a glass of water. She took a couple of gulps, trying to calm herself down. "Ashley... left... J City... What happened? Why did she leave J City all of a sudden?"

"I don't know the details yet. It was my mother who told me the news," Susie said as she shook her head.

"So does that mean that

d the cake shop was still quite busy at this time. As soon as Andrew entered, a lot of people looked and stared at him.

Andrew wrinkled his brows impatiently. He walked past those people, trying to brush them off. Craning his neck, he tried to look for Ellie.

There was a sea of customers inside that store, and it was impossible for Andrew not to brush against some people.

Even if Andrew was careful, he still could not avoid it.

Andrew picked up his pace immediately.

He looked around the bakery, trying to find either Ellie or Ashley.

If Ashley wasn't in Ellie's house, she must be here.

As soon as Ellie came out of the kitchen, she saw Andrew looking around.

'Didn't Ashley say Andrew was on a business trip? Why is he here now?' Ellie thought to herself.

When Ellie came out, Andrew also saw her by virtue of his height.

Ellie looked at the full bakery and motioned for Andrew to go outside so they could talk.

Seeing Andrew and Ellie going out together, Cheryl couldn't help but nudge Nina, "Who is that man? Does Ellie know him? He doesn't seem like someone who would come to our bake shop."

Nina, who knew much more than Cheryl, looked at Andrew and withdrew her gaze. Although she kept a straight face, she was surprised at the sight of Andrew.

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