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   Chapter 560 Cooperation Is Possible For Us

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Before Ashley came into the picture, Angelina did not care much about Lesley, nor did she need to care about Lesley. Lesley's personal affairs were consequently of no concern to her.

But now it was different.

Angelina would be uneasy if Ashley stayed in J City, but it was a hidden secret in her heart. Meanwhile, she knew that Lesley also hated Ashley. That gave them something in common. After all, Lesley should be the one who hated Ashley the most.

Perhaps the two of them could reach a mutually beneficial arrangement.

There, Lesley was the most suitable person in Angelina's eyes to cooperate with her.

Lesley smiled at Angelina. She had an elegant smile that resembled a crocodile's smile before it chomped on its prey. "Hello, Angelina. How can I help you?"

Lesley's smile concealed a very cunning and ruthless mind. No one knew what she was thinking. Anyway, Angelina had been close to Ashley and helped her before.

Therefore it was quite natural for Lesley to be suspicious of Angelina's motive. Neither woman liked the other one, but they both knew that they could work together if they wanted to bring down Ashley.

Angelina smiled at Lesley and went straight to the point, "Of course it's about Ashley."

"Huh?" Lesley hummed.

"Let's not beat around the bush here. I know you don't like Ashley very much.

After all, she did steal Andrew away from you."

Lesley glared at Angelina. As far as she was concerned, Angelina was treading on thin ice. She didn't like the way Angelina spoke so flippantly about Andrew and Ashley. "What do you want to say? Get to the point."

Angelina replied, "Oh nothing, really. I just want to talk to you about Ashley."

Angelina had Lesley's attention now. She spoke carefully, but clearly.

Lesley was no fool. She was always wary of Angelina. Now, Angelina was trying to cozy up to her. There had to be a good reason for this. "If my memory serves me r

eed. You don't need to worry about Jeremy. I managed to stop her before her sick plans came to fruition. But you can't always count on me to stop Ashley now, can you? What are you going to do? Are you just going to let her get away with trying to seduce Jeremy?"

Lesley cast a casual glance at Angelina and turned away immediately. Angelina was lying to Susie.

She just smiled coldly to herself.

Angelina didn't notice her cold smile.

She was too busy smearing Ashley's name to Susie.

Lesley decided not to expose Angelina's lie. Anyway they were bound together.

Now there were three of them with the same goal. The three women were determined to drive Ashley out of J City, one way or another.

But truth be told, Angelina was not as sophisticated as Lesley.

Lesley poured a glass of water for Susie and said, "Drink some water first. You're so mad, you might just explode with rage. You need to cool down, a bit."

Susie drank the water and it did help to soothe her anger towards Ashley.

When Susie thought about Ashley leaving J City, she was then relieved. After all, she wouldn't be able to seduce Jeremy anymore.

Then she turned to Lesley and said, "Lesley, I think you'll be very happy when you hear this little bit of good news that I have to say."

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