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   Chapter 557 Get Familiar With The Surroundings

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"Thank you, Selma," Ashley said.

She was grateful to have spent time with Selma and her family. They were nice people and Ashley was glad to have met them. From the moment she arrived, Selma and her family had been kind to Ashley.

Selma and her family reminded Ashley of Andrew and Ellie. They were that kind and nice to her and they could be compared to her husband and her best friend.

Ashley helped Selma fix the plates and clean up. While they tidied everything up, Tony and Ronald watched TV in the living room.

Tony seemed to be the typical teenager. Headstrong and with his own opinion on a lot of things. Ashley would have thought he disliked her if he hadn't helped her to carry her suitcase.

After all, Tony's behavior looked like he didn't like Ashley much. Even if Tony could be a little obstinate, Ashley could see that he had a good heart.

Even as Ashley helped Selma put away the dishes, she could not stop gushing over her. Selma heaped generous praises on Ashley and her cooking. Ashley felt a little embarrassed because of this.

Ashley wanted to mention something to Selma. Something was on her mind. She thought of asking her for something, but Ashley decided against it.

After all, they had already been more than considerate towards her. Selma immediately caught Ashley's expression and asked her, "What's wrong, Ashley?"

Ashley looked at her and said, "Selma, I don't want to use my old phone number. After all, it's the old number that was based in J City. I want to apply for a new number tomorrow. I think it would be more convenient for me to use a new number here."

Selma nodded, "That makes sense. It's indeed very inconvenient for you to use the card with J City as your home location."

I'm not too busy with work tomorrow. How about I show you around town? You can get even more familiar with this place. We can even get some furniture for your place. What do you say?"

Ashley smiled at Selma. The woman was truly kind and accommodating. "Thank you, Selma. You're really a big help."

Ashley's words were sincere and from the heart. After all, she came here to this unfamiliar place all alone.

If it were not for Selma, Ash


Ashley was determined to get familiar with this place, one way or the other.

She vaguely remembered passing by a small, breakfast shop with Tony the other day. Perhaps she could visit it.

She was already getting hungry, and this was as good a time as any, to grab a bite.

Ashley had already wasted enough time lying on the bed. It was time to start her new life here, in earnest.

Ashley did not have a hard time finding the breakfast shop. It was a short walk from her apartment, and Ashley was happy that she remembered where it was. This was an achievement of sorts for her, considering how bad she was with directions.

There were steamed stuffed buns, soy milk sticks, deep fried dough sticks, steamed buns, and porridge in the shop. They served all kinds of breakfast, much to Ashley's delight.

Moreover, the food culture here was the same as that in J City.

Ashley wondered how the Lu family found this place.

It was actually a lot better and cozier than she first expected it to be. This was a good place after all.

After having a simple breakfast, Ashley went back to her bedroom. She was not familiar with the surroundings and she didn't want to go out anymore. She was afraid she would get lost.

She also had no phone number anymore. If she were to get lost it would be next to impossible to find her.

At present, she could not afford to get lost. She would have nothing if she got lost in this strange city!

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