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   Chapter 556 Heartwarming

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"You must have kept Ashley waiting! I expected you here, much earlier!" Ashley was surprised that Selma berated Tony like this, but she was quick to defend him. "I'm sorry that I'm late. It's not Tony's fault."

She felt a little sorry for Tony. Selma seemed to be coming down on him a little too hard. After all, it was Ashley who wasted so much time because she didn't want to come over. The poor kid didn't deserve to get dressed down like this.

Ashley really felt sorry for Tony, and she thought that he didn't deserve to get reprimanded by his mother like this.

Selma noticed that Tony was clearly annoyed at her tone of voice. She turned to Ashley and said, "Kids these days are so disrespectful. Can't even follow simple orders!"

Tony ignored his mother and went back into his room.

Ashley stood silently beside Selma. She didn't know what to say, and this was really getting very awkward. "Well, I..."

"Spare your words, Selma. Tony is old enough to think for himself. You don't need to nag him so much all the time."

Ashley heard a gruff voice addressing Selma. She turned around and saw a middle-aged man sitting comfortably on their sofa. He was in his thirties or forties, around the same age as Selma.

The man's resemblance to Tony was uncanny. Surely, this had to be Tony's father.

Ashley didn't know how to address him properly.

Selma immediately noticed that Ashley didn't know what to say. She took Ashley to her husband and introduced her saying, "Ashley, this is Tony's father. Since you call me sister Selma, you can call him brother-in-law Ronald."

"Don't care too much about these matters. We are already neighbors and we should help each other. It's nice to meet you Ashley. Don't hesitate or feel embarrassed if you need any help. Remember you can approach us any time for help," Selma said after introducing her to Tony's father.

Ashley nodded and smiled at them both. Granted Selma and her family were a little eccentric, but Ashley couldn't deny that they were very friendly and helpful to her. "Thank you for that. Your help is appreciated," Ashley said, getting teary-eyed.

Selma left Ashley alone in the living room. She stood there for some time with Tony's father.

It was strange, but it felt as if everyone was equal and could speak their mind freely at the table.

They seemed like a very loving family.

The table was full of delicious dishes, and the Ling family was great company for Ashley. It was a wonderful moment, and Ashley was grateful for it.

Ashley did not expect any of this. When she came here, she was very afraid and unsure of her future. She felt like a ship adrift in a dark and endless ocean. Everything seemed unpredictable and nothing was secure for her.

When she met Selma and her family, Ashley's worries and concerns were immediately assuaged. Ashley suddenly felt a little more secure. She was relieved to see that there were still kind and compassionate people around.

The future was still very uncertain for Ashley. She still didn't know if leaving J City and everything she knew was the right thing to do.

However, meeting these nice people gave her some comfort in her heart. She felt a little more secure and a little more hopeful. Perhaps with proper rest, she could regain her health, and return to Andrew.

If he was still waiting for her.

Selma noticed that Ashley was lost in her thoughts. Ashley was a nice-enough girl, but Selma noticed that Ashley was often in a daze. She always seemed to be looking out in the distance, thinking of something. It was as if something was always burdening her. Selma piled some food to her plate. "Come on, Ashley. Eat some of this great food you prepared."

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