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   Chapter 555 Having Dinner Together

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Ashley did not keep Tony waiting for too long.

Ashley found it a little difficult to carry her suitcase. It was not because the suitcase was heavy. She had just gotten so tired following Tony around, so she was now a little more tired than when she first arrived.

Ashley managed to get down to the lobby. Tony noticed how tired Ashley was and immediately felt a little embarrassed. Perhaps he should have helped her on the way down. Tony rushed to her and said, "Let me carry your stuff, Ashley."

Ashley raised her head, smiled at Tony and said, "Thank you."

Tony did not say anything and just took Ashley's suitcase.

He carried the suitcase with ease. She noticed that Tony was quite good-looking.

Surely a lot of girls in school must have thought he was attractive.

Despite carrying Ashley's moderately heavy suitcase, Tony did not miss a beat. He still walked at the same brisk pace that he had done. Ashley was not surprised. Tony was after all, a teenager, and had youth on his side.

Ashley took a mental note of all the buildings and houses all around her. She made sure to remember any pertinent landmarks. She was not familiar with the place now, but given time, she would easily be able to find her way around.

Ashley was still not familiar with this place, but the more she walked around, the more she felt at ease. Surely, she would be able to get used to this place in time. Yes, that was all she needed. Just a little time.

After a few minutes' walk, they arrived at the place Ashley had rented.

It was summer, so the weather was a little hot. Tony handed over Ashley's suitcase, and turned to leave.

He was more than eager to be done with this chore. Like most kids of his age, Tony just wanted to get back to his video game.

Ashley stopped Tony, who was about to leave, and said to him, "Thank you, Tony."

"It's okay." Tony said hastily. Tony turned and left Ashley. He was just happy to be done with it. He still had a video game to play.

When Tony was out

s Mom. She insists that you have dinner with us. I think you should have dinner with us already.

Mom can be pretty insistent. If we don't go now, she will come here herself, and try to convince you."

It was Selma on the other end of the phone.

Tony was right. Selma just wouldn't take no for an answer.

Selma was a very nice, albeit persistent type of person.

She even went so far, as to call personally to make sure Ashley would have dinner with them.

Ashley figured that her hands were tied.

Ashley had no choice but to go and have dinner with them.

"Wait for me for a moment. Give me a moment to fix my stuff, and I'll be right there," Ashley said.

"Okay," Tony nodded.

Ashley took a quick shower and fixed herself. When she was done, she came out and said to Tony, "Well, let's go."

Ashley accompanied Tony back to Selma. They both stood at the front door of Selma's apartment. Tony knocked on the door.

Selma opened the door and greeted Ashley with a smile.

"Hello, Ashley! So glad you could make it for dinner!" Selma was all smiles with Ashley but she seemed to look at Tony with some disdain.

Tony seemed a little annoyed at his mother's demeanor. Ashley couldn't understand what was the deal with Tony and Selma. They were both nice enough, but they didn't seem to get along all that well.

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