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   Chapter 550 Arya Really Couldn't Wait To See Ashley Off

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Ashley didn't say anything. Indeed, her look wasn't all that convincing.

However, she couldn't help but let the tears fall when she thought of leaving J City and Andrew the next day.

Her eyes were red and swollen. She begged, "Claire, please don't tell Andrew. He's out on a business trip. I don't want him to worry about me. When he comes back, I will explain everything to him. Please. You don't need to worry."

Despite knowing that Claire did this for her own good, Ashley thought that Andrew must have told her to do this when he left.

However, she couldn't tell him the truth.

Claire could only look at Ashley with pity in her eyes, she felt sorry for her. "I won't tell Master Andrew about this. Look at yourself, your eyes are as red and swollen like a rabbit's. Please go upstairs and have a good rest. I'll wake you up tomorrow morning."

Ashley saw that Claire was truly worried about her, after a quiet moment, she finally swallowed the words she had intended to tell Claire.

Claire wouldn't leave her alone right now seeing that she was suffering from emotional instability.

Her plan was to send Claire away with an excuse she prepared, however, this was impossible to carry out now. It seemed that Claire wouldn't leave her alone.

If she wouldn't be able to shake her off, then she could just get up early tomorrow and wait outside.

Ashley had a serious look on her face as she glanced at Claire before turning to go upstairs.

Claire didn't really think about anything else, although Ashley behaved a little strangely today, she just calmly attributed that to Ashley being too tired.

However, Claire hadn't the slightest clue of the panic that she would experience when Ashley would suddenly disappear tomorrow and couldn't find her.

But this was another story that would happen later.

After sitting in her bedroom, Ashley's cellphone suddenly began to ring.

She glanced at the message on her cellphone before a mocking smile appeared on her face.

Arya really couldn't wait to see her leave J City.

She was even reminding her to leave tomorrow and asked her to make sure her stuff is packed up in advance.

Maybe she was afraid that Ashley would suddenly regret her d

ley got in the car and fastened her seat belt, the man ask her, "Are you Ashley? Lady Arya told me to drive you to the airport. It's been the first time she's cared about a person so much in all these years."

The man's name was Fris. He had been driving for the Lu family for so many years, he always drove for Arya and Ethan. Therefore, he didn't know the relationship between the Lu family and Ashley. He was just thinking that Arya told him to pick up Ashley out of goodwill.

After hearing this, Ashley's lips curved in sarcasm. Was it the first time for Arya to be so concerned about a woman?

Surely it must be really hard for her!

How could she not be so interested and concerned about Ashley? This was the key that could decide whether or not Andrew could marry Lesley after all!

Now that she was out of the picture, Lesley could have her opportunity.

How would they even be unhappy at my distress? Maybe they would even have a small party to celebrate her disappearance today.

These sarcastic thoughts filled with Ashley's mind as she ignored Fris' words. She looked outside of the window silently.

Seeing that Ashley stopped talking to him, Fris thought that he might have said something that had upset her. He just kept his mouth shut and didn't say anything more.

There was complete silence in the car, only the rustling wind and the running tires could be heard. After a long time, the car finally stopped. The airport was right in front of them.

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