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   Chapter 549 Crying Like A Baby

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"This is all about Ashley. It's always been about Ashley," Arya said firmly.

"She is leaving J City tomorrow."

"Leave J City? Why will Ashley leave J City all of a sudden? Is she gone for good?"

Arya nodded at Susie and continued as Ethan didn't prevent her from telling Susie the truth, "I think she's gone for good now. She will leave J City and Andrew will never see her again."

Susie was still puzzled. "Why would she leave J City all of a sudden? When we asked her to leave my brother, she didn't budge. I'm sure you still remember how she was so adamant to stay with Andrew. Why would she suddenly have a change of heart? I don't understand."

Arya sneered, "It's all because of money.

It's always about money. At the beginning, I offered her five million yuan and she flatly refused because Andrew was still with her. She was well-aware that Andrew was worth a lot more than just five million, so she refused the money.

This time we met, she demanded ten million."

"Ten million?"

Susie couldn't help screeching like a banshee now.

Susie had grown up as a scion of the Lu family. For her, money was never an issue, but ten million yuan was a lot, even for her.

The amount was just staggering even for someone like Susie.

"Did you agree to her crazy terms?" Susie asked.


Ten million yuan was no joke. But Arya was willing to shell out the money if it meant that Ashley would be out of their hair for good, and Lesley could marry Andrew.

It was a lot of money for anyone, but for Arya it was a price she was willing to pay.

Susie frowned. "Ten million! What a gold digger that Ashley is! She would sell anyone up the river for the right price! So much for her values! My brother will absolutely be angry when he knows Ashley has blackmailed us for ten million! Doesn't she know that?"

Arya nodded. "Exactly. I remember she has said that she married Andrew because he was the right one for her, or because she loved him with

her. However, Ashley cried even louder upon hearing Andrew's name.

Claire felt Ashley hug her tightly. Ashley was trembling in Claire's arms. Claire had no idea why she was crying, and she didn't know what to do.

Claire held Ashley for several minutes as she sobbed and trembled in her arms. For a moment, Claire wanted to call Andrew and tell him about what was happening, but Ashley stopped her. Ashley seemed so frail and vulnerable in her arms.

Claire held Ashley for a long time, but she realized that they couldn't just sit like this forever. Ashley had to get up and get a hold of herself, despite whatever it was bothering her. "Mrs. Lu, you must get up," Claire said.

Slowly, Ashley managed to get up with Claire's help.

Ashley managed to stand on her own two feet. She composed herself and looked at Claire firmly. Her eyes were still swollen and red from all her crying when she spoke.

"Claire, please don't tell Andrew about any of this. I don't want him to worry about me. I'm fine."

Claire frowned at Ashley. "You don't want me to tell him about this? How can I not tell him about it? Even I'm starting to worry about you! You just went out to take a walk, and now you return completely despondent. Something is clearly bothering you, and perhaps Master Andrew should know about it."

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