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   Chapter 544 Feeling Warm

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Ashley shook her head and answered, "No, I don't feel too good. I guess I haven't been resting recently."

She looked haggard and stressed. Ashley had been thinking about a lot of things lately.

She came to this place to clear her head, and to seek some measure of solace.

When Duncan spotted Ashley earlier, he thought of a lot of things that he wanted to tell her. His heart was aching inside of him and he was dying to tell Ashley what he really felt inside. Unfortunately, Duncan didn't know how and where to start.

For now, Duncan was just happy to stay quietly with Ashley here by the shore, watching the sea.

Another gust of sea breeze blew in. Ashley was wearing her lavender knee length skirt with a chiffon covering the outside. As the wind blew, she felt cold, and started to shiver.

She crossed her arms, as she tried to stay warm.

Duncan immediately noticed that Ashley was cold and he had to do something.

Duncan took off his coat and put it around Ashley. It was a thick coat, and Ashley immediately felt much warmer.

When Duncan placed his coat on Ashley, he moved closer to her. Ashley caught a whiff of Duncan's perfume.

The scent around Duncan was different from Andrew's scent. Duncan's had a faint, sweet smell, that was minty and more casual.

It was a lot different from Andrew's strong and masculine scent that had a fuller body. That was not to say that Duncan's scent was not good. No, it smelled wonderful to Ashley's nostrils.

Ashley was surprised that Duncan gave her his coat.

Duncan nodded and smiled at her. "Here. I think you're cold. Take my coat. It will keep you warm."

Ashley felt Duncan's hands on her shoulders and they felt warm and secure. Suddenly she felt secure and protected again.

Ashley looked at Duncan. He had given her his coat, leaving him with only a thin shirt to ward off the cool, sea breeze. "You've only got a thin shirt on. Now you'll shiver," she said.

"I'll be fine," Duncan answered.

"Besides, real men don't shiver. Real men can take the cold."

Ashley giggled at Duncan's joke. He was just trying to be tough, but Duncan had an easygoing nature about him. He seemed to handle troubl

hley was not sure now.

When Ashley smiled and laughed, he was not offended in the least bit. He was just happy that Ashley was not looking depressed or morose anymore.

Now that Ashley was smiling and laughing again, Duncan's heart felt relieved. If Ashley was happy, so was he.

Looking at Ashley's smile, Duncan couldn't help but smile and laugh himself. Was this what it was like to be in love? Duncan was not sure.

This was the first time he had ever felt like this ever.

It was only now that Ashley suddenly realized what she had done. She had laughed at Duncan! She didn't want to be so mean. "Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to laugh at you.

It's just that you were so silly and adorable just now, so I couldn't help laughing out loud."

Duncan waved his hand and said casually, "It doesn't matter. If you want to laugh, you can laugh, all you want. You look pretty when you laugh."

Ashley closed her mouth lightly and said, "Thank you."

"You didn't tell me what you lied about."

Hearing his words, Ashley looked at him seriously and said, "It was during the period when I stayed in your house the last time.

I couldn't get into my own house because of what happened with my family.

Do you know what happened on the Internet? The thing about Andrew and me.

A lot of people thought that Andrew and I were not a good match. His family did not approve of us being together. They did all they could to make my life miserable."

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