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   Chapter 537 Summer Night

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Fearing the intensity of Andrew's gaze, Ashley couldn't help but look away.

It was as if Andrew was ready to swallow her whole and eat her alive.

For a second, he wondered why he would have such an idea.

A second later, Ashley decided to turn her head to face him.

However, she still couldn't bear to look him straight in the eye.

Andrew chuckled softly as he saw the way Ashley acted so bashfully. "Ashley, don't forget what you promised me last night..." he whispered.

Ashley blushed deeply, her entire face turning hot. She raised her eyes to look at Andrew, but she didn't know what to say.

With her heart beating fast in her chest, Ashley bit down on her lip to try and distract herself.

However, it was completely useless.

Andrew's face was inches away from hers. His hot breath softly grazed her face, causing shivers up and down her spine. At this point, her heart was out of control.

It seemed to Ashley that it would jump out of her chest at any moment.

'Did I really make a promise to him last night?' she thought.

Ashley wanted to go see Ellie, but Andrew didn't allow her to stay another night there ever again.

Since Ashley had stayed at Ellie's apartment for such a long time, Andrew started to get jealous. He also envied how Ellie had such a special place in Ashley's heart.

There was no way Andrew was going to let Ashley leave him all by himself just so that she could stay at Ellie's place for another night.

However, she was eventually able to persuade him. Ashley said a lot of sweet things in his ear, which obviously pleased Andrew a lot. In the end, he agreed to it.

There was no other choice for Ashley but to seduce Andrew that way. Besides, she only got the idea from the romantic novel she read in Andrew's office.

It was actually quite a change that Ashley took initiative for once.

When she told Andrew her promise to him, she looked nervously at Andrew face. Judging from the expression on his face at that time, it was difficult to figure out whether Andrew would agree or not.

But, much to Ashley's relief, he did.

However, it had now come to that moment.

Remembering what she

ll over her chest.

Blushing, Ashley quickly took the blanket and covered herself up tightly. Then, she took deep and slow breaths to calm herself down.

Although there was no one else in the bedroom, Ashley was still not used to it.

She then tried to recall what happened last night. At that moment, her heart felt like it was glowing. With a smile, she got out of bed to freshen up. Her lower region felt a bit sore, but it didn't bother her that much. After a quick shower, the soreness had completely disappeared.

Ever since that night, Andrew spent less and less time in the company. There was nothing else he wanted to do than to stay at home with Ashley whenever he could, even if they had nothing to do.

Their days were quaint and filled with joy. One night, after Andrew and Ashley finished eating their dinner, they sat on the couch and watched TV together. Ashley curled up next to Andrew and leaned her head on his shoulder. A campus romance drama was playing on the screen.

The heroine and the heroine were both in college. They had fallen in love since they were in high school. So far, their relationship looked like it was going great.

They applied for the same university because they didn't want to separate from each other. But the male lead could not keep up with the heroine's academic competence. The heroine helped him with his studies, but in the end, he failed to get into the same university as hers.

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