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   Chapter 536 You Have No Idea How Adorable You Are

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7059

Updated: 2020-02-29 00:02

So she decided to do something else to distract herself.

He had not been inside the bathroom for a long time before he came out. For some reason, Ashley felt as if the air in the room got thicker.

Andrew came out so soon, and she was suddenly very much aware of his presence as his scent permeated across the whole room.

Ashley resisted the urge to cough and looked away from him, her cheeks growing hot.

Andrew had been watching from the corner of his eyes. Ashley was fidgeting with her hands, pointedly looking away from him. She was as stiff as a bowstring. He had to fight off the small chuckle that threatened to come out as he watched the obvious blush that spread on her cheeks. It was so easy to read her.

He rescued her from the awkwardness of the silence and asked her to come over. "Can you help me dry my hair?"

At his request, Ashley finally looked his way, letting out a breath she was not aware she had been holding. Taking the hair dryer, she walked over and sat beside him.

She reached out and touched Andrew's hair.

The black strands were as smooth as silk in her hands.

It shone under the light of the room. Andrew's hair was short, but it had a texture that was much similar to her own. For a brief moment, Ashley wondered how he took care of it.

Gently, she threaded her fingers in between the strands as she held the dryer and let it fan over his hair. She went about it carefully, holding the dryer from a safe distance to make sure it wouldn't hurt his scalp. Her lips curled into a soft smile as she thought of how Andrew used to do the same for her. It felt good to be able to return the favor this time.

They were sitting in front of a big mirror, and Andrew watched his wife's reflection.

The smile on her lips did not escape him, and he felt his own lips curve into a smile himself.

It was only a brief matter of time before Andrew's hair was completely dry.

Ashley almost felt as if she had finished all too soon before she could fully enjoy the moment, but she turned off the hair dryer and unplugged it, her hand lingering on Andrew's hair. To

hold back. '

Noticing Ashley's puzzled look, he asked, "Can I kiss you?"

His voice was low as he spoke, and Ashley suddenly forgot to function with language. "What?" she asked.

She couldn't say anything else as she looked into his eyes.

The next moment, Andrew reached out with his hand and covered Ashley's eyes.

With her not seeing anything, her other senses tingled with heightened awareness.

Still, this way, she couldn't see his eyes, and she felt more bold. Nodding, she gave him permission quietly.

Ashley felt him coming closer, until his warm breath fanned her skin. The next thing she knew was the sensation of his lips brushing over hers in soft, slow movements that made her mind go blank. The room grew warmer and she felt almost dizzy with the heat of his touch.

When Andrew finally let her go, she opened her eyes and looked at the warm yellow light.

Ashley's cheeks were flushed and her lips were swollen from his kisses. Her eyes were glazed as she gasped for air.

Subconsciously, she turned to Andrew. The sight of her made him burn with desire.

But he didn't have to rush. He would take his time.

Satisfaction surged through him as he took in her tousled state.

His eyes trailed all over her and he trembled with the desire to possess her completely. She was his. All of her.

Ashley met his dark eyes and felt as if she was drowning in their heat.

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