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   Chapter 533 A Friend's Love

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7446

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"Why, what's wrong? You look so tired," Ellie asked as she saw Ashley's face.

Closing her eyes, Ashley said nothing in reply. How could she not be tired?

It seemed as if Ellie was about to agree to be Elain's mother just now.

Ashley was worried that Ellie might mindlessly agree to become Elain's mother just because of the child's lovely face.

Fortunately, she knew better and didn't make any promises.

What's more, Ashley could tell how Edmund felt towards Ellie. He just wasn't able to speak it out.

But, his daughter's words made those hidden feelings surface, despite the fact that he kept silent about it. It was fairly obvious that he had feelings for her. After what Elain and Ellie said, Edmund looked quite depressed.

Unknowingly, Ellie rejected Edmund when she told Elain that she could only act as the child's big sister. It looked as if Ellie didn't know she had turned Edmund down. But for Edmund, he felt deeply hurt.

Ashley was the only one who noticed how Edmund reacted. But, even if she did tell Ellie about how Edmund felt, Ellie would undoubtedly not be able to bring herself to believe it.

It was torture for Ashley that she had to hide such a big secret to herself.

There was no way Ellie was going to know.

With a sigh, Ashley looked at Ellie and nodded. "Yeah. I just cooked a meal and packed up all these things. Of course I am tired," she explained.

Afterwards, she kept silent as she couldn't help but feel sympathetic for Edmund. His affection for Ellie was a bit blatant, especially just now. Ellie was still in the dark. But then again, Ashley thought after some time, Ellie might turn him down even if she knew his true feelings for her.

Ellie was an idiot when it came to love. Edmund must put in a lot of effort and pour out his whole heart if he wanted to be with Ellie.

After all, it took quite some time before Ellie could open up to someone.

Ashley then realized that in her own case, it was too easy for someone to court her. That was, to say the least, Andrew hadn't really put in a lot of effort before she agreed to be his girlfriend.

On the other hand, it would be hard for anyone to win Ellie's heart.

Thinking of this, Ashley couldn't t

ut to grab a towel when Ashley called out and stopped her.

"Ellie, wait. Let me dry your hair," Ashley offered as she got a clean towel.

"Why are you being so nice all of a sudden?" Ellie mumbled.

"I've always been nice to you," said Ashley matter-of-factly.


Ellie sat down, and Ashley soon got to work gently drying her hair.

Ellie's hair was so healthy and lustrous like Ashley's. Both women had never dyed or treated their hair. On top of that, they made sure that they paid close attention when it came to hair maintenance

Ellie's hair felt like silk as Ashley smoothed her hair from the back.

Ashley ran her fingers through Ellie's hair as she patted it dry with a towel. It felt so soft and smooth in her hand. As she did this, she understood why Andrew liked to help her dry her hair so much.

It was such a nice, calming feeling.

When her hair was fairly dry, Ashley set aside the towel.

"Alright. All done," Ashley announced.

When everything had settled down, they lay on the bed, just like old times. Sometimes they would just lie there, chatting endlessly until both of them fell asleep. Those were nice memories the both of them liked to come back to.

"Ellie..."Ashley said, staring into Ellie's eyes, "No matter what happens, you have to live the best life you can. Don't give up and never get discouraged by any difficulties you may face. Just remember, wherever we may end up, you will always be in my thoughts. Always."

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