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   Chapter 525 Cute Little Angel

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Updated: 2020-02-22 03:29

He had no choice but to look for him everywhere.

He could just steal her from Andrew if he liked her so much.

Just like Andrew, Duncan could also give Ashley whatever she wanted.

In the Golden Palace, Ashley watched the news on her cellphone. Now, Andrew had a press interview to explain the relationship between them. There were many individuals seeking for answers at the same time. Andrew wasn't always patient around people, but this time he was willing to answer each question.

Of course, the questions were about his relationship with Ashley.

Although the video was short, Ashley watched it many times.

After a long while, Ashley put her cellphone in her pocket and looked outside.

Even if they hid it from everyone, news about their relationship would spread around J City.

Ashley had rested at home for about half a month. She couldn't go to work even though she wanted to.

Ashley got up and cleaned the bedroom. When she lifted the unnecessary things from the table, something caught her attention.

She put them aside then picked up the paper that fell on the floor.

It was the check worth five million dollars Arya gave to her last time as a bribe to leave Andrew. But she refused.


She opened the check then scanned it.

Afterward, Ashley gripped the check while thinking about something.

The next day, Ashl

mmediately. Are you letting Ashley to hug you because she's beautiful?"

Glancing at Cheryl and Ellie, the little girl wrapped her arms around Ashley's neck. "Yes, I like Ashley."

Cheryl frowned.

With that, she cried and rested her head on Nina's shoulder. "Nina, she doesn't like me!"

Nina beamed. "Come on. You just touched her little hands, didn't you?"

"That's different. I want to hug her."

Everyone wanted to be closer to this cute and smart girl.

After they chatted for a while, Ellie and Ashley went to the back of the shop.

The room was not huge but looked very warm. The decoration was inspired by different warm yellow shades and hues, with fresh lilies on the table. Next to it was a sofa and a single bed.

While still carrying Elain, she sat down on the sofa.

Ellie watched them. "Come on, put her down. You have held her for such a long time. Don't you feel tired?"

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