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   Chapter 524 Searching Without A Clue

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 6003

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Duncan felt a little happy when he heard what Ashley had said.

According to Ashley, they were not to be over polite. Did that mean that he still had a place in her heart?

Duncan had never thought that a few words could make him extremely happy.

It turned out that liking someone had its own ups and downs.

"Was the photo that Andrew placed on his microblog real?" Duncan asked.

Ashley didn't know what to say. She still didn't want people to know about it.

But Andrew didn't care about Ashley's wishes. In fact, Andrew got upset that Ashley didn't tell anybody about their marriage.

In the end, Ashley allowed him to post the photo on his microblog anyway.

"Yes, it's true," Ashley answered.

All of a sudden, Duncan felt his heart stop.

Knowing that Ashley had already married Andrew, Duncan felt lightheaded.

The pain made him feel like he was in a trance. Even though his conversation with Ashley continued, he didn't know what he was saying and he didn't know when he had hung up. Duncan just sat in front of the phone, stunned for the whole afternoon.

It was only when Nancy called him for lunch when Duncan came back to his senses.

He shrugged Nancy off and ran outside without saying a single word.

"Where are you going, Duncan?" Nancy asked. She was baffled why Duncan had to push her away and even run outside the house.

Nancy tried to chase him, but she couldn't see him anymore when she got outside.

As she looked around nervously, Nancy felt extremely worried. She knew there was something wrong with Duncan. It bothered her that she didn't know where Duncan was headed.

Nancy immediately called Haley. She didn't want to tell Carrie who was staying at the villa right now. Besides, Carrie might not have brought her phone with her at all

ut to serve lunch, she couldn't find Haley anywhere near the house. She put the dishes on the table and asked, "Where's Haley? Where has he gone? Wasn't he here just now?"

Herman took out his newspaper and read it. Without looking at Claudia, he said, "He went out to look for Duncan."

Claudia was a little upset. She understood that Duncan and Haley were really close friends, ever since they were children.

"But why wouldn't Haley have lunch here? I've already prepared all of this!"

It wasn't all the time that both her husband and son were at home, so she prepared some extraordinary dishes herself. She just didn't expect that Haley would leave without letting his mother know.

Haley took his car in order to find Duncan. He slowly drove along the road, searching for his friend.

While driving, he was also calling Duncan's phone nonstop.

Each time, the phone would just ring and nobody would answer.

'Duncan doesn't have his phone with him, ' Haley thought. 'Otherwise, he would have answered by now.'

Haley was feeling guilty, 'I said I wouldn't leave him. I knew something bad would happen if I left. Now, it's all coming true. My friend is nowhere to be found.'

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