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   Chapter 509 Doubts

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7776

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Ashley gave Lesley an ironic smile and then proceeded to slowly mouth words. The two women were at opposite ends, so Andrew and Johnny had no idea what they were doing.

However, the two women understood their hatred toward each other perfectly.

Lesley read Ashley's lips as they moved, catching the words as she mouthed them out. She had missed some, but the context was crystal clear.

Ashley said, "No matter how much you try to get close to him, he will never look your way. He is my husband now, as he will be in the future, and there is nothing you can do to change that!"

Bile rose in Lesley's throat at her declaration. She was no fool. Even she understood her place with Andrew, no matter how bitter the truth was. But that didn't mean anyone could say it to her face.

And it was Ashley, of all people!

Hot, red anger coursed through her veins and she felt herself warming up in fury. If she could, she would have slapped her without holding back.

However, this was not the right time and place. Tightening her hands into fists, she breathed to control herself.

She couldn't do what she wanted to do, not here with Andrew watching. If she made a commotion, it would only make him distance himself from her more, and she didn't want that.

With a stony face, Lesley walked out of the the Lu Group building.

She vowed to herself that she would win this war.

Andrew would be hers, and she would have her rightful claim as the one and only first lady of the Lu Group.

After Lesley left, she called her assistant.

Originally, she wanted to take her time perfecting her plan to attack Ashley by surprise, but now she had changed her mind.

She wouldn't let Ashley just do whatever she wanted. Lesley would make sure to pay her back the embarrassment she had caused her.

'Let's see if you will still have any place to hide this time, ' Lesley thought wickedly.

Lesley's assistant was preparing the photos when she received her call.

It would be difficult to make them public without revealing the source. And Andrew had his ways. It wouldn't be difficult for him to dig around and find the culprit.

"Publish the photos as soon as possible," Lesley said. "I can't wait to see Ashley's face when she is being criticized!"

The assistant hesitated before answering, "But, Miss Feng

torture to think of Andrew with another woman but even logic couldn't stop her thoughts. If Andrew and Lesley got together, would he treat her the same way he treated Ashley?

Her eyes dropped to their linked hands. Would he hold her just as he was doing now?

After a brief moment, they arrived at the door of his office. Andrew stopped and looked with disappointment at the scattered dishes on the floor. "Did you come to bring me food?" he asked.

Ashley nodded. "Claire said that you have been working overtime recently. She is worried about your health, so she asked me to bring you some food. After all, home-made food is better, but... now..." She spoke quietly, as if unsure whether her words would matter to him.

The dishes she had brought would be of no use now. She stared at the food forlornly. "You won't be able to eat them now..." Her voice trailed off.

Andrew didn't even seem to be interested in the food on the floor anymore. Instead, he looked at Ashley. "Are you hungry?" he asked.

Ashley was confused with his question, but she shook her head. She had brought food for him after having dinner at home, so she wasn't hungry.

"I'm not hungry. I had dinner before I came," she replied.

Andrew pursed his lips. "Then, come with me. I'm hungry. Would you keep me company?" he asked, his eyes pleading as his hand softly squeezed hers.

Ashley was thrown into a dilemma. How could she refuse if he asked so sweetly? She wanted to, but.. "Josef is still waiting for me downstairs. I think..." she said hesitantly.

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