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   Chapter 508 Please Listen

Unbreak My Heart By Qing Han Characters: 7146

Updated: 2020-02-13 21:04

Outside, Johnny was momentarily stunned as he looked at Ashley's back. Then, snapping back to the present, he quickly caught up with her.

He blocked her way with his body and asked, "Miss Mu, please wait. Why are you running away? Did you come here for something? Sir Andrew is in his office now. You can go straight in to him, Ms. Mu."

His words came out quickly as he explained, even if he did not understand why he felt the need to do so.

Ashley's face was unreadable as she glanced at Johnny. Then, without another word, she shook off his hand.

'Go straight in there? What am I going to do there? Do they need an audience?' she thought bitterly.

She had no desire or interest to see whatever was going on inside that room.

The only thing Ashley wanted to do was leave, but Johnny was preventing her from doing so.

How could he? If this matter caused a misunderstanding, he would be partly to blame.

One look at her closed-off face, and Johnny knew that there would be hell to pay with his boss if he let Ashley go now.

"Miss Mu, it's not what it seems. Let me explain..." he started.

"Explain?" Ashley cut him off. "Explain what? How? I saw it with my own eyes. I wasn't born yesterday. Are you going to tell me that it's all friendly chitchat?" she said, her voice thick with sarcasm.

"A man and a woman alone in a room with almost no distance between them, leaning close to each other. Tell me, Johnny. What's there to explain? What excuses are you going to tell me?"

Johnny was rendered speechless. He didn't know Ashley could retort so eloquently.

He found himself in a dilemma.

When Johnny saw Lesley come to the Lu Group, he didn't pay too much attention to it. His initial thoughts were that she came for work and would not linger long, so he allowed her to enter.

He never could have expected that Miss Mu would come here so soon and see Lesley and Andrew in his office.

Andrew would definitely skin him alive if Ashley got upset about it.

He was able to have a quick look earlier inside Andrew's office. Lesley was there, leaning down toward Andrew, The scene surprised Johnny. He

sley caught up after them from behind and saw Andrew embracing Ashley. Her chest constricted as her hands clenched into tight fists. She didn't feel her nails digging into her own palms. At that moment, all she could see was Andrew holding Ashley in his arms.

Ashley didn't even need to do anything. She just stood there and Andrew was holding her.

Lesley had seen it clearly. He didn't even spare her a thought as he pushed her in his haste to get to his wife.

Anger bubbled up inside her.

'How dare you, Ashley!' Lesley yelled in her mind!

Ashley wanted to push Andrew away when she saw Lesley approaching, but try as she might, his arms wouldn't budge. He held her so tightly, as if he wanted to make her a part of his body.

She struggled for a while before finally giving up trying.

As she quieted down in his arms, she looked at Lesley.

The woman didn't even bother trying to hide her disgust.

"Andrew, I'll be leaving first since you have something else to do. But you should think about what I said just now. You're a smart person. You'll know what to choose."

After that, she gave Ashley a sharp stare and left.

Ashley was bewildered at her actions. It wasn't as if she had asked Andrew to hold her. She didn't even say a word, even if she caught Lesley trying to steal her husband.

She was already being lenient. Otherwise, she would have rushed to Lesley and taught her a lesson.

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