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   Chapter 507 I Only Want Her

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Ashley took a deep breath. 'It seems that I have been worried over nothing. It must not be as serious as I thought it to be, ' she said to herself.

She was at the door of Andrew's office and was about to knock, when to her surprise, she found the door half open.

'Why is the door half-open?' she wondered. By habit, Andrew had always kept it closed, making certain of the privacy of his own office.

Ashley quickly brushed off the thought. She did not need to be so fixated on such a small thing. Perhaps Andrew had forgotten, or maybe Johnny had accidentally left it like that when he got out.

Just as she was about to push the door open, she caught a glimpse of a familiar frame from the small crack of the door.

In an instant, she stood very still, quieting even her own breathing.

Lesley was standing in front of Andrew's desk and looked down at him, their bodies in close proximity. Small murmurs reached Ashley's ears, but she could not make out what they were talking about.

Andrew looked up at Lesley, and the two's eyes were locked on each other. From where Ashley stood, they were only a breath away from each other, so close that their lips were almost touching.

Inside the office

Lesley looked at Andrew with all the poise of a woman of her position.

"Have you thought about what I said?" she inquired.

Her perfume wafted dangerously in the room- its scent strong with their closeness.

Andrew frowned impatiently. "I've told you many times. It's impossible for us to be together. My answer will not change no matter how many times you repeat the question."

Had Lesley brought up her proposition before he met Ashley, Andrew might have answered differently. His past self would have probably accepted the marriage of convenience between the two families for the sake of gaining more power.

But he was a very different person now. Ashley had come into his life.

'From now on, and towards the future, there is only her, ' he thought to himself, surprised even at his own certainty.

Andrew's words fell on Lesley like ice. Her expression froze as her chest constricted in pain. Her eyes remained on Andrew, the only man she had ever loved since she was a child.

Everyone in J City knew of her pride. She was the daughter of the Feng family, and she would bow to no one. However, she was willing to give up even the last thread of her dignity if it meant that she could be with him.

She had been relentless in

pression of alarm.

Ashley had seen the two inside.

And as it turned out, Johnny also knew that Lesley was here. A pang of pain shot through her as her suspicions got the better of her.

Had they especially left the door open for her?

Maybe they met here every day when she wasn't working here.

The image of Lesley bowing down as Andrew met her upwards came across her mind. Maybe they had been more intimate than what she had just seen.

Her thoughts whirled wildly inside her head and she could think of nothing else but her husband with another woman in his office.

Her wide eyes shot up to Johnny momentarily, then she walked past him, ready to leave.

Johnny called out. He did not understand Ashley's reaction.

"Miss Mu, where are you going..." he asked aloud, trying to get her attention. His voice was loud enough that the two people in the office were disturbed.

Hearing Johnny's voice, Andrew looked outside and saw a figure passing by Johnny and running away. Andrew sprang to his feet the next moment, pushing Lesley aside and sprinting after Ashley.

He did not even pause to gauge his strength, and Lesley stumbled from the impact, almost falling to the floor.

Her back bumped into the corner of the table. She winced as she felt the sting of the contact.

Seeing Andrew's back, Lesley's face turned cold.

'Ashley this! Ashley that!

Why does she show up when I'm here?' she wondered.

Lesley stood inside the room a while and waited for the pain in her back to dissipate. When it had eased off, she also ran after him.

'Ashley! Just what is it about you that Andrew is so crazy about?'

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