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   Chapter 504 Something Useful

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The content of the paragraph above was rather rough to read, however, the content at the bottom was very clear.

Ashley was really confused, she didn't have any of these symptoms except the dizziness.

It was extremely unsettling to see that she had been diagnosed to have anemia, fever, and bone aches despite not having any of these.

Speaking of having a fever, she recalled that she had a slight cold on the days when she lived in Duncan's house. However, she attributed to the sea breeze having lived near the ocean.

She felt a lot better after taking some medicine back then, it wasn't a big deal at all which was why she didn't pay much attention to it.

This day, Ashley spent a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, reading a lot and pondering the information she received. She was racking her head to figure out how she could have leukemia.

After browsing for information on the computer for a few hours, Ashley covered her aching head with her hands. She decided that she couldn't go on like this.

She only felt a little uncomfortable lately, how could that be accredited to leukemia?

It didn't make any sense at all!

She couldn't just wait for her death. What if the hospital gave her the wrong diagnosis?

She had never been ill with anything close to this disease. How could she possibly get this kind of illness all of a sudden?

Suddenly, something occurred to her. She quickly washed her face, rinsed her mouth, and then ate something before going downstairs.

She said goodbye to Claire before heading outside.

She just didn't believe the diagnosis and wanted to have a thorough examination again! This was the only way that she could calm her mind.

However, even when she repeatedly changed hospitals, the results were always the same everywhere.

Lesley had already considered that she would do this and informed all the hospitals what to do.

She told them all in advance to lie to Ashley, Lesley anticipated that Ashley wouldn't believe the results and continue to go to other hospitals.

This was the reason why the results of all the hospitals Ashley went to were consistent, although Ashley still couldn't believe that she was really diagnosed with leukemia.

Claire noticed that Ashley was in low spirits. She assumed that something had happened to her. She moved towards her and asked, "What's wrong, Miss Ashley?"

Ashley was on the sofa and was in a daze before she looked at Claire. She

Andrew's car.

The man closely followed the assistant into the building, his eyes were wide open as he was attracted by the luxurious sights around him

before finally fixing his eyes on the main hall of the Feng Group headquarters.

He was just a journalist, a second-class reporter among many.

In the past, he wouldn't have any chances of knowing about these sorts of things.

However, to his surprise, it was as if pennies fell from the heavens above.

A woman suddenly came to him and hired him to monitor someone.

He was asked to take note of every detail what that person did in her everyday life, who that person met, and so on. The woman who hired him was Lesley, and the person he was hired to monitor was Ashley.

Then he was required to report anything important related to Ashley to Lesley. Of course he was required to report anything important that happened that was related to Ashley. He wasn't actually needed to report every single detail.

More importantly, he would receive priceless rewards for his work.

Everyone would agree if such a thing as a pie falling from the sky happened to them.

He quickly accepted Lesley's offer and got to work on the same day. He had been following and monitoring what Ashley had been doing.

However, this was the first time that he actually came to report in person to Lesley.

It was hard for him not to be nervous of the situation.

The assistant continued to walk the hallway with the man in tow behind him, he was confused as to why Miss Feng wanted to see this man all of a sudden.

However, it was none of his business to pry on Miss Feng's affairs.

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