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   Chapter 503 Why Did You Do That

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Ellie was different from the other women that Francis had dated. There was something about her that Francis could not resist, something that he was sure would make him a better man. In his heart, Francis knew that Ellie was the right woman for him. He knew that she was the woman he could settle down with.

Francis had always been a playboy, but that was before he met Ellie. Ellie had tamed his innate desire for romance, attractive women, and quick flings.

Francis was not really a bad guy. Despite his tendencies to fool around, deep inside, he had a genuine caring heart. Andrew could see that, and that was why they were still good friends.

An idea came upon Francis. After giving it some thought, he remembered Ashley, and how close she was to Ellie.

'Ashley and Ellie are really good friends. If I can get on Ashley's good side, it will be a lot easier to win Ellie's heart, ' Francis thought.

It was a good plan, except for one thing. Ashley disliked Francis a lot.

Francis regretted the reason that Ashley despised him. He knew that Ashley didn't want him for Ellie because of his history as a playboy.

This thought brought Francis great distress. After all, if he had known that his reputation with women would affect his chances of winning Ellie, he would never have become a playboy. But it wasn't in Francis' hands. How would he have even known that he would meet Ellie down the road?

If he had known about such things, he would have gone on the straight and narrow path like Andrew. He wouldn't have fooled around so much and not dated many women to pursue his so-called true love. He would have been well-behaved and waited for Ellie.


After several rejections, Francis stopped calling Ellie. 'Perhaps he finally got the hint, ' Ellie thought.

It was funny, but Ellie began to fidget and look at her cellphone. She actually started to expect Francis calling her again. When he did not do so, she actually started to feel disappointed. Something was wrong here.

What was she upset about?

Was it because Francis stopped calling her?

If so, then why did she reject all his calls previously? Ellie could not understand it. She was acting irrationally now, and even she couldn't understand herself.

Ellie frowned and put her phone aside. There was no point in any of this.

It was only a few days ago that Ellie had decided to put her foot down, and stop seeing Francis. She had realized that Francis was no good for her, and that there was no point of seeing him anymore. So why did she want him to call her now?

Ellie thought she was going crazy. Perhaps she wasn't as sane and reasonable as she thought she was.

Why was s

pick her up the previous night. Did she fall asleep in the car again?

Ashley found that she had no problem sleeping anywhere. Sleep came easily for her now, as if sleep could take her away and give her a momentary escape from all her troubles.

Staring at the ceiling blankly, Ashley felt powerless.

What should she do now?

Ashley wrapped her arms around her knees and looked ahead in a daze. No one could tell what was on her mind. No one knew all the troubles that burdened her.

Claire did not come up to ask Ashley to have some breakfast. Perhaps Andrew had instructed her not to disturb Ashley. That was the only explanation.

After staying in bed for a while longer, Ashley slowly got up.

She looked at the laptop computer on the desk and suddenly thought of something. She went online.

Ashley researched about leukemia, all its signs and symptoms. She did not leave any stone unturned.

Several search results were displayed on the screen, and Ashley checked them out, one by one.

She stopped and fixed her eyes on one of the messages which said, "There are many types of symptoms of leukemia, such as anemia, bleeding on any part, fever, influenza, pneumonia, lymphadenectasis, hepatomegaly, bone ache and so on.

The symptoms of leukemia vary from case to case. That is to say, it could be anemia, or bleeding on any part of the body. It could be a fever or cold, or pneumonia. Sometimes, swelling can occur on some parts of the body like the liver or the spleen. Bone pain can also be prevalent. Symptoms may vary from person to person. Some people could have several symptoms at the same time. Some might only have one clinical disease, but in fact, it is leukemia.

So they need to check and exclude the possibility when these symptoms are found."

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