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   Chapter 502 Don't Think Too Much

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Updated: 2020-02-10 14:51

No matter how hard Ashley tried, she just couldn't hide what she was feeling.

What was more, who was Ellie to her? They had been friends since they had known each other in high school. This pretty much guaranteed that Ellie knew Ashley very well.

She was well aware of Ashley's stubborn streak. By now, Ellie knew that if Ashley didn't want to tell her something, there was no way she was going to pry it out of her. Ashley could be as tight as a sealed champagne cork on a bottle when she wanted to.

It was pretty annoying for Ellie when Ashley was like this. She couldn't stand Ashley's stubborn streak, but ironically it was this same streak that ensured that they become good friends down the road. This was because Ellie also had a stubborn streak of her own. In a strange way, she could actually understand Ashley.

Now, Ellie would have to draw deep into that well of understanding to help her friend. Ashley was unusually stubborn now, even by her own standards. Ellie dragged Ashley into the living room and had her take a seat.

She put the dishes on the table and asked, "Ashley, have you eaten yet? Why don't you join me? I'm sure you could use a good meal."

Ashley could still remember the old days when she would smell Ellie's wonderful cooking from the kitchen. Once the food was served, Ashley would come over in no time, to eat the food that Ellie had prepared. After all, Ellie was a wonderful cook.

Today was a completely different story. Ashley looked at the food pensively and did not even try to taste it. She took her seat but did nothing. It was clear that something was troubling her.

Ellie did not notice Ashley's telling behavior. She was too busy preparing more tableware and setting up the food.

Ellie finally noticed Ashley sitting glumly on the sofa. She reached out her hand to Ashley. "Why are you still sitting there on the sofa? Why don't you come over and have dinner with me already?"

Ashley knew that she couldn't go on feeling so glum like this. She had a veritable cloud of gloom hanging over her. This was no way to continue, and the people around her would only worry.

Ashley tried hard not to think about what had happened in the hospital this afternoon. She put on her best smile, got up to the table and sat down.

"Okay. It's been a long time since I ate the food you cooked. It smells so good, Ellie," she said with a smile.

Ellie picked up some food and put

ened between them.

On the other side, Francis kept calling Ellie, but she rejected all of his calls.

Francis could not control his rage at Ellie's behavior. He tossed his cell phone to the floor in anger. The expensive phone was shattered into several pieces.

Francis paced around the room like a cornered tiger. He could not sit still. The frustration in his heart was evident.

It was clear to Francis why Ellie was behaving this way. It was because of Amaia, and Ashley. They had both whispered stuff to Ellie, and her mind must have been poisoned. But he had explained everything to her, and he didn't deserve to be treated like this.

What happened? Weren't they getting along well before?

Ellie even wanted to say yes to him.

Francis couldn't figure it out. How could she just give him the cold shoulder like that?

He came to the French window and looked outside. It was already dark.

The image of Edmund's face suddenly appeared on Francis' mind. A terrible idea dawned on him.

'Is Ellie with him now?' he wondered. Was that why she was so cold to him?

It couldn't be true. It just couldn't be. Ellie only liked his daughter and seemed to only have a passing interest in him. He seemed to be at best, just a friend. There was no way Ellie liked that guy.

Francis pulled on his hair. He couldn't even stand the idea.

Before all of this, Francis thought that he had seen a lot of women and it would be easy enough for him to win Ellie's heart.

He had always tried to make sure that Ellie was treated special. He didn't want to treat her the way he treated the other women before.

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