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   Chapter 501 Are You Going To Call Him

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Updated: 2020-02-10 00:02

Josef was quite simple-minded, but he knew that he could not afford to mess around anymore. When it came to protecting Ashley, Josef was all alert now. If anything ever happened to her again, Andrew would have his head.

Josef noticed Ashley walk out of the hospital in a daze. She looked really down and depressed. He remembered what he and Johnny talked about, and fell into a panic.

Josef asked, "Ms. Mu, is anything wrong? You look troubled."

Ashley didn't say anything. After getting in the car, she buried her face in her lap.

Josef was not sure what happened to Ashley, but whatever it was, it was clearly bad news. Even Josef could tell.

He took out his phone and prepared to call Andrew.

Ashley immediately noticed what Josef was about to do. She stared at him and pleaded to him, with her eyes. Finally, she spoke.

"Are you going to call Andrew?" Ashley asked.

"Well, you look distressed, Miss Mu. I figured that perhaps I should call the boss and..."

Josef didn't know exactly what to tell Ashley. He struggled with his words, and it was clear that she was not pleased. 'What did I do just now?' Josef thought to himself.

Ashley stared at Josef and she did not seem pleased. This worried Josef to no end. He didn't want to disappoint the boss now. Before this incident, he had already been skating on thin ice with Andrew. He thought of Johnny who shared the same family name with him but was capable being a special assistant, much better than him, merely a driver.

Josef felt that he had not been doing a good job recently. Andrew was clearly displeased with him, and Josef did not want to make things worse with his boss.

Ashley was now depressed. Nothing could cheer her up, and she felt like the entire world had collapsed upon her.

But she could do nothing about her situation. Nobody could keep calm after hearing such news. Anyone in her situation would feel just as bad.

Ashley smiled at Josef saying, "Don't call him. I'll be fine. I just met some people in the hospital, and I feel sad."

Then Ashley smiled at Josef, pretending to be relaxed. She managed to conceal her true feelings from Josef, at least.

Hearing Ashley's words, Josef was relieved. 'Thank goodness she seems all right. Andrew would not tolerate anything bad happening to her.' Josef happily a

he door and was surprised to see Ashley. "Ashley? What are you doing here?"

Ashley looked at Ellie, and her heart almost burst. She was so full of pain and frustration now that she needed a friend, desperately.

She ran over and hugged Ellie without saying a word. Like an ostrich burying her head in the sand, Ellie buried her head in Ellie's arms. She was so desperate for a shoulder to cry on.

Ellie hadn't seen Ashley like this in a long time. This was so unlike her.

After Ellie came to her senses, she pulled Ashley into the room and closed the door. She patted Ashley on her shoulder gently. "Ashley, what's wrong with you? What's the matter? Did you have an argument with Andrew again?"

Ashley shook her head and remained silent. She held Ellie tightly and did not want to let go.

Ellie decided to keep quiet for now, and just hold her friend's hand. This silent show of support was all she could give Ashley.

Ellie embraced Ashley and patted her back softly to comfort her.

For several minutes, Ashley hugged Ellie. She clung to her tightly, as if her life depended on it. Slowly, Ashley regained her senses.

She released Ellie and smiled at her. "I'm fine. Don't worry."

It was impossible for Ellie not to worry about Ashley considering that she had just broken down in front of her.

Ashley could not see herself, but if she could, she would be even more alarmed. Her face was pale, and her smile was forced. She almost looked like a walking ghost, and Ellie did not believe she was fine, not for a second.

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