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   Chapter 500 Stay Close To Her All The Time

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Lesley clearly threatened the doctor. There was no denying it.

The female doctor got flustered and silently nodded at Lesley. It was all she could do to accept Lesley's proposal. After all, this was Lesley and the doctor knew that she was a very powerful woman.

Lesley could see that she had the doctor in the palm of her hand. She nodded with satisfaction and left the doctor behind her.

Once Lesley was gone, the doctor slumped on her chair, completely drained. It was so difficult for her to lie to Ashley.

Now it seemed that she had to.

Besides, she couldn't tell anyone about this except Ashley.

The woman doctor bit her lip. In her heart, she repeated 'sorry' to Ashley.

It had not been easy for her to reach her current position. She had worked very hard to get to where she was, and she was worried she could get fired if she didn't do what Lesley commanded.

There were still some people waiting in line but the doctor had been occupied by Lesley's request. Absent-minded, she examined the rest of the patients.

When she was done, Ashley came out with the examination report.

She walked up to Doctor Liu and gave her the report.

Ashley replied, "Doctor, this is the report from the department of gynecology."

She took the report from Ashley and leafed through it. When she finished looking through it, she pretended to be gripped by fear and stunned.

The report results were normal and Ashley was very healthy. But now she had to pretend to be scared and frightened for Ashley because Lesley's threats were still ringing in her ears.

Ashley noticed how the doctor seemed very concerned. Dr. Liu seemed very stressed and Ashley couldn't ignore it.

Was she seriously ill?

Ashley took a deep breath and looked at the female doctor. "Doctor, what's wrong with me? Please tell me the truth. I can accept it."

The woman doctor withdrew her eyes from the examination report and gazed at Ashley.

Ashley had a very good-looking face. She was so beautiful and adorable. The doctor dared not think what Ashley's expression would become after telling her the so-called 'examination results'.

For a moment the doctor considered telling Ashley the real truth, the good news. But Dr. Liu could not do that. Not after what Lesley had threatened her with. No, she had

amily needs some new blood. Don't worry about work or the company too much. Father and I will see it that it is properly handled."

Rae smiled and felt relieved after hearing Lesley's words.

Lesley supported her mother and walked out of the hospital. Things were all looking up for her now, and she was on cloud nine. Ashley had been dealt with, and there was no reason to feel down.

Surely, she could win Andrew now.

'Andrew can only be mine, ' thought Lesley.

She had known Andrew since childhood, and would not allow Ashley to steal him from her.

'Ashley, how dare you! You will never win Andrew from me. I'll make sure of it.' Lesley swore in her heart.

Lesley was full of hatred for Ashley. The thought of Ashley was the only thing that could ruin this perfect day for Lesley.

Ashley stumbled out of the hospital. She had no idea how she managed to get out of there. Time seemed to just crash and mix into each other.

Ashley was completely numb and confused. She could not think straight. Not after what the doctor had told her.

She noticed the sun outside was unusually bright and it began to sting her eyes.

The sun was suddenly covered by an umbrella. Ashley turned around and noticed Josef. He held the umbrella over her to give her some shade."

Ashley didn't say anything. She just glanced at Josef and walked to the car.

Josef held the umbrella and walked behind Ashley. The umbrella gave Ashley some relief from the sun. Josef walked close to Ashley and followed her around like her shadow

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