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   Chapter 496 You Can Marry Her If You Like

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"We, the Lu family, will never accept this woman! For us, only Lesley is good enough to be your wife. Who the hell is this woman? From what pit did you dig her out of? Do you think that she could possibly elevate you to a higher status? Are you that stupid?"

Ethan made no secret of his dislike for Ashley. He looked at her as if she was a piece of trash.

Andrew's face darkened. He stood in front of Ashley and cast his father a glacial look. He had been chastised and berated but Andrew was not going to back down. "I don't care what you think! Ashley is the only woman whom I will have as my wife! As for Lesley, if you like her so much, you can marry her yourself. "

Ethan trembled with rage when he heard Andrew's unreasonable words.

Marry Lesley? Andrew was insulting him now, and he was way out of line.

How could his own son say something like that? Where was the respect? Andrew had thrown all the parental respect out the window.

Ethan pointed at Andrew with one finger. His hand was trembling, and he could barely speak coherently. Ethan thought he would explode with rage. "You have gone too far now! Your words show no respect whatsoever! Well, if you want to marry this woman so badly, go right ahead. But don't expect to be a member of this family anymore! You marry her, and you're no son of mine! Not anymore!"

Ashley pulled Andrew's sleeve and shook her head.

She knew that Andrew didn't get on well with his family, but this was just too much. She didn't want Andrew to be disowned all on her account. She couldn't bear to bring so much suffering upon him.

After all, this was still Andrew's family here. At the end of the day, they were still the ones who raised him from birth. He still owed them a lot.

Andrew held Ashley's hand tightly and said nothing, looking at his father.

Yet Arya panicked after she heard what Andrew said.

His father wanted to kick Andrew out of the Lu family but that was absolutely impossible.

After all, it was Andrew who helped build the Lu family into the powerhouse that it was now. It was Andrew's own business savvy and acumen that had turned their company into the wealthiest and most powerful entity in all of J City.

If Andrew left the Lu family, what would they do?

Arya did not trust Ethan enough to keep up the good work of his son. Arya could not live simply and loved the high life. If their business went down, she could not bear to live like a common person.

Arya approached Andrew and tried to speak to him in a soothing manner. "Andrew, your father did it fo

ight? Don't tell me you've changed your mind about me!"

Andrew held Ashley's hand with his fingers interlocked, "No.

I will never change my mind about you. I made you a promise and I intend to keep it. I don't care what happens in the future, whether you change or not. I will always love you, no matter what.

I'm here with you for the long run. I will see you in your best and worst days. I will stay with you through the good and the bad times, because that's what a person who truly loves, does.

I'm with you, forever. We'll be together forever.

I will love you forever." Andrew was serious and Ashley could see that he meant every word. This only brought even more joy to her heart.

Then they headed for the Golden Palace, and their spirits were high. Ethan and Arya were the complete opposite. They were both down and glum.

Ashley! Ashley!

Arya's face was gloomy. All she could think about was what Ashley had just said. Her words only brought back painful memories.

Arya had buried those terrible memories deep in her heart. Ashley had just dug them up again, and exposed them to the light. It was not pleasant for Arya.

No one dared to say anything like that to her. Not after she was wed to Ethan.

She had fought long and hard to get to where she was now. She earned all of this. Ashley had a lot of nerve to just bring all that up again! How dare she!

Arya could do nothing but hold her tongue. She did not want Andrew to get disowned. She needed him in the Lu family, but she could not stand Ashley. Ashley had gone too far with her words.

Now, confusion was written on Arya's face. What about Susie if Andrew really severed his relationship with the Lu family?

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