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   Chapter 490 The Lu Family

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Claire had only spent months living with Andrew and serving him. This was not enough to get to know anyone, but Claire knew one thing about Andrew; she knew he was not a patient man. So it was better for her to get straight to the point.

Claire spoke with Andrew privately, and narrated how Arya arranged for Ashley to leave. She revealed everything she knew to Andrew in a few minutes.

"So it was the first time that Ashley came back home since she was removed from the house behind your back. They moved her out when you were away on your business trip." Claire finished her words and looked at Andrew nervously.

Andrew's face was devoid of emotion, and his lips were sealed shut. He gave a stoic look, as hard as stone.

Meanwhile, Andrew seemed very intimidating and threatening.

Claire decided not to stick around any longer. Andrew was clearly not in a good mood now, and she wouldn't want to get in his way.

Claire just thought Andrew was supposed to know about these things. She had done her part and reported them truthfully to him.

It was now up to Andrew to deal with it.

However, Claire believed that Andrew would not disappoint Ashley.

Andrew just stood there stiffly like a sculpture. It was a long while since Claire left him that he made his first step.

There was still no expression on his face as he went upstairs.

Andrew showed no emotion externally, but he was seething with rage, deep inside of him.

He could not believe that they had done this to Ashley.

'I should never have tried to reach out to them. I shouldn't have shown them mercy before. Now, they did this to Ashley. They're lower than snakes.' Andrew thought.

Andrew went upstairs and pushed the bedroom door, but he didn't see Ashley.

He heard the sound of running water from the bathroom. Ashley must be taking a shower.

Andrew picked up his cell phone, walked to the French window for some air, and called Josef.

Johnny and Josef were enjoying dinner together when they heard Josef's phone ring. They saw Andrew's name on the screen and exchanged looks.

Josef looked away and grimaced, as if he had been punched in the gut.

"You'd better get that. It's the boss himself." Johnny urged.

Josef knew that Johnny was right. He had no choice. He had to answer the phone, even if he felt an ominous omen.

Josef took the call.

"Yes, Boss."

Andrew was quick to answer Josef.

He asked Josef about Ashley's daily life while he was away.

He did

idea about the gravity of the situation. "What's wrong? It's lunch! Let me eat!"

"Forget about eating! We've got more serious things to attend to. Something happened to Ashley while the boss was away, and he's not pleased!"

Josef was speechless.

They drove to the company headquarters.

There was no one working overtime at the office. This did not deter Johnny who could easily access most files with his position in the company.

Ethan and Arya had also gotten overconfident and complacent. They did not bother to hide or cover their tracks.

Mr. Li was a fool. There was no way he could conceal the truth now.

Johnny soon found what he was looking for.

This time, the Lu family had gone too far. They had poked the tiger, and now they would pay the price for it.

They knew that Andrew cared deeply for Ashley but they had no qualms about harassing her and making her life miserable while Andrew was away.

Andrew had never banned Ashley from coming back to the house. He had also never forced her out of work.

Johnny called Andrew and told him everything that he had dug up.

Andrew's heart froze over when he heard the news.

His face was calm, but the coldness in his eyes and the blue veins on his hands betrayed him.

Andrew was calm on the outside, but he was seething with rage on the inside.

Johnny hung up the phone, and he was very concerned for Andrew. He had known his boss for a long time now, and he was worried that he might do something he would later regret.

In the past Johnny would not have worried about something like this, but not anymore. This was the present, and things were different now.

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